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“'Voltage of the Holy Spirit' "A moral man is but old Adam dressed in fine clothes. The king's image counterfeited and stamped upon brass will not go current. The moral person seems to have the image of God—but he is only brass metal, which will never pass for current"... from... LOVE JOY PEACE FOREVER MINISTRY... SO Recently due to my Repenting Heavily n' calling on the Holy Spirit constantly n' daily I have received the Voltage in my ears 'a High Pitched humming sound' occasionally... the Current of LOVE n' TRUTH cannot flow without the Voltage of the Holy Spirit!!! RESPECT n' AMEN” — the th0ught pr0v0ker

Atheist = 'Always Thinking Humbug Even Intellectual Suicidal Th0ughts'

all Respect due though chew on this... there are a group of Atheist's/ who are suing a telephone pole or company because it has the shape of a cross/ 'see these certain pole's a lot' and then got to th0ught/ Atheist has 2 crosses in it/ seems they missed it/ thinking that they should keep chewing a bit/ and while ahead quit/ don't go down forever to the pit!!!


'Preach n' Teach' skit

Sugar coated Soft spoken Preach n' Teach... not just Christianity... Religion from Buddhism to Darwinism n' the REAL RELIGION is to Help n' Love the needy n' the orphans n' the widows n' OH YEAH... Buddhism is just Moralism n' Darwinism is just Retardism!!! AMEN

Extraordinarily Intelligent...

not me... at least by Academic standards n' Honored to be here by the way so this I share... here are a few examples of the Power of the Holy Spirit at work in the 'first day' of this self of mine... simple yet Extremely effective n' Joyous to watch I will add!!! was walking down the street n' my eyes came in contact with another pair n' as that self passed all I could hear was a 'spit' of Ignorance!!! as I entered a store sometimes frequented a Lady who served there but 'never' smiled at me surely did today n finally a gentle squirrel Yes a squirrel stopped in my tracks n looked up at me 'where the Holy Spirit dwell' with a Reverence as I proceeded forth about my way!!! n' Amen

the God of Israel Is real!!!

a1 b2 c3... if anyone says Jesus is not the 'son of God' tell them 'son' = 48 + 'God' = 26 = 74 Jesus 74 and if they say something like Jesus is not the 'messiah' well that = 74 too!!! 7 n 4 are significant being the first n last numbers of GOD...G7 O15 D4... !!!LOVE!!!

Beth  (over 6 years ago)

He is the King of Kings!
He is the way the truth and the light
We are in this world but not of it!
Jesus is alive!
Seek first the KINGDOM of God!
Bless you , you know the answer!

MOE GRN  (over 4 years ago)

Wow. It's a Blessing I came across this at this time and stage in my Life where I analyze every Number I come across. I was just adding up the numbers in my name a few hours ago. Wow. God answers Quick.