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Video Editing... aarrrggg!

The problem with DIY and shoe-string budgets is... well.. EVERYTHING! There is never enough footage so you start looking for anything to carry the idea, traffic, gun camera footage, crawling bugs... whatever! Anyhow, The Spitfire NInes first video is almost done rendering on my kitchen counter and will out to you very soon.

Always Always Always Double Check

Well, I decided to push "What's Under the Sand" as the single for EIGHT so I set up a promotion campaign and got some really cool feedback and sharing from all around the world. Thanks guys! You are awesome. It is really cool to know The Nines are being played in Russia, South Africa, and Brazil to name a few. Too bad I didn't check the mp3 first, otherwise I would have realized that I had uploaded a very rough mix and not the final, mastered copy!

So there you go, I goof, you get an inside look at the band in the process of recording AND you get the finalized copy.

So for all of you who downloaded the track over the last two days, please feel free to go back and download the final mastered copy!

And I will now go and spellcheck this entry!

Time For a Downer Christmas Song

So despite the new album being the main focus of all of our attention these days, I couldn't help sneaking in a little Christmas tune just to muddy the waters and confuse the bejeezus out of everyone.

I wrote and recorded "Christmas in Kandahar" the day after I went to see Neil Young in Montreal in 2007 (I think...) I was home sick the next day... LEGIT SICK NOT PLAYING HOOKY... listening to CBC Radio 3. In the lead up to Remembrance Day, Nov.11th they were playing stories about our troops overseas; one in particular stood out.

This story was based around an interview with a father who had lost his son on active duty, and how devastated he and his family were, and how there was a world of things he need his son to know but could never tell him.

So I sat down and wrote this song. Guitar, voice, and a bit of organ (if it worked for Neil, it works for me). It's me talking to my son... even though he was only 6 at the time.

It is also every parent, spouse, or friend who faces a lonely, worried, or even guilty holiday season while their person is away answering a greater call.

So, Merry Christmas from Across the World Tonight... remember, you still have time to tell them what you need them to hear.

The Exhausting Nature of Dual personalities

So I went to a conference for educators last Friday and spent the bulk of the day watching the future steamroll the past. The focus was technology and the acceptance of web-based learning which was refreshing given how the education system is perceived to be so archaic. I feel for the people in the crowd who are nearing the end of their careers only to be told what they have been doing is wrong... well, maybe that is a bit of an over simplification, but you get the idea.

So what is this ramble about education and technology doing in a rock and roll blog? Well, it stems from what I got from the keynote speaker, which was this:

It's not about technology or how well you understand it, it is about simplifying your life by talking to other people and removing the barriers and emotional hiding holes we set up for ourselves.

So here is my minor experiment. I elect to toss all of the personas I carry about into one large pile and see what comes of it; teacher, rock star, husband, father, hater of fish loather of math... it all goes into one. Plus it is wearying carrying all of these personas around... ... so let the experiment begin.