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Coming up with topics for songs

It seems that the main problem with rap today is that so much of it sounds a like not only in the instrumentals, but also in the lyrics themselves. I believe that has to do a lot with the fact that what is being talked about in those sounds is what is "hot" and what will get radio play. However, I also think that it has to do with the fact that many rappers neglect to rap about things that represent themselves. I mean selling drugs, shooting people, driving nice cars, wearing expensive jewelry might be what some people experience, but there is a lot more in life than these things to compose a song about. Now I am not knocking anyone for songs that they make because music is a form of expression, but I am trying to bring a different feel to rap and a passion that allows me to feel comfortable talking about even the most basic experiences in a song such as kickin it with my friends on the couch playin fifa and clowning around, going to a cookout, life in college, enjoying life, my love for music, or just state how I am different and don't care what anyone thinks. I just wish more rap songs were "down to earth" and more people could relate to the content of the songs because really when it comes down to it, music is just another way that people can relate to one another and connect.

Sherah  (over 5 years ago)

Hey, I love what you're about: Keeping it real, man. You're gifted with insight, and that's what you recognize is lacking in the world of rap. People who have insight can see what others can't. When you communicate your thoughts through music, you become a creator of poetry, not just rhymes, and you can influence people more deeply. The truth is that you're not just intelligent, you're wise, and it shows in your songs. Stay true to yourself, stay disciplined, and look for ways to use your insight to encourage people around you. You're a pearl among stones. ;)