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~Sing with your true voice!!!~

~Autotune...I don't get it...if you can't sing...it's like air guitaring...what's the difference???...What's the point, except big companies making money off exploiting people...Sing with your true voice..Seriously...Autotune=Fake...Let your true voice shine!!!~

~John Lennon (Instrumental)~

~This is an instrumental that appeared during a jam a couple of years ago... It was written on December 8th so I named it John Lennon (Instrumental)...It's amazing how such a brilliant musician that once walked the earth can have their music live on forever and touch peoples lives in such a profound way~ ...for some reason I sound like I'm talking backwards at the end of this...Lol!!!...I don't remember doing that... :)

~A Million Hearts~

Lyrics...~Underneath a restless sky are a million hearts...as I wait for your reply don't be torn apart..when you find you're distant..love will show you through..when you're feeling weary...the answer comes right through...no one said it would be easy...don't keep your silence in your heart...it's true~

~Bathroom Acoustics!~

~Why is it the bathroom always seems to be the room in the house that has the best acoustics?! The sound carries very nice in there, but the decor is not so inspiring!!! Seriously...rockin out and writing in the bathroom lol!!~

~Trust in your own wings~

A cool quote I saw... "A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch, but on its own wings, Always believe in yourself"

~Lyrics from "All the World"~

Lyrics~Hear an answer from you, nothing you can't say, all the World not far away, I can hear you calling, go out and sing your song in flight, an echo in your mind, when you're calling back a piece of yourself, you thought was swept away in time~

~Light shows up everything~

~What is hidden in the shadows will always come to light..Light shows up everything...~ :)

~Never Look Back~

~Live life now...love life now...all we have is the moment...no regrets...never lose your spark...it's the essence of who you are...believe in that..follow your dreams...never look back...~ :)

~Where You Belong~

~Life can be strange...one minute can change everything...strength comes from within...and knowing where you belong means the world...seeing those close to you go through dark times to arise in a very positive way is inspiring...it shows the strength of the human spirit...and shows how deep love can really be...~ Follow Your Dreams... :)


~If you have a dream...go for it!!!...Life is way too short not to follow your heart!!!~ :)