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I Rise lyrics

I Rise lyrics by Oriana Sanders

Life was good, filled with joy I had started my family Then one day, my rainbow changed To a dark cloud that poured over me

Doctors told me I was sick, It all happened so suddenly Still so young and full of dreams, To be faced with my mortality

We all have our fears we hide from But this one stared into my eyes And I vowed this would make me stronger, Not be my demise

I've got life to live, I've got work to do and it's not my time Found my strength deep inside And it kept me alive through the fight

Chorus x 2 From this struggle I Rise Take my wings and I Fly Through the darkness I Shine I'm a warrior, this can't take me down

Through this journey so much was revealed Though it still seems a great mystery Why this darkness came into my life, I suppose it's a lesson for me

Our character is defined by the way That we deal with adversity So I chose to reflect on the ways I was blessed No not dwell on my suffering

Chorus x2

And I just prayed for the grace To rise up in the face of this difficulty And I never once doubted that I had the power to Rule my destiny

Life is full of so many surprises Aint nothing predictable But one thing I know is, We all have the courage to Fight for our survival, To fight for our survival