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Upcoming Shows

Hey guys, haven't posted a blog in a little while so might as well post one. We have upcoming shows this Wednesday at The White Elephant, July 20th at the Hawthorne Theater, July 21st at the Main Stage at Harvest Days and a spot opening for Into Eternity in October, come check them out!

Big Things Coming Your Way

Hey guys, we have some really cool stuff coming your way. We are recording a 3 song EP which will be given out for free at all shows. We also have plans to record a 7 song demo and print off t-shirts in the next couple months. These won't be free but will be sold for very affordable prices. We would also like to announce that we are going out on tour this July with our good friends Beside The Abyss. Go ahead and give them a like on facebook when you get the chance. They're a great band. With that, stay tuned for more news from your friendly neighborhood Guillotine boys. Stay metal guys!