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MS musicians

As I look around Reverbnation, I am finding more and more awesome talent from MS. I get excited when I see the concentration of talented people just from South MS. I have been blessed to share the stage with so many talented people who are from or are now living on the coast. I would like to give them a HUGE thanks for helping me learn what I have learned so far! So here's a shout out to some talented people I have sang/shared the stage with over the years: Sandra Lee (my mama); Keith Hoda band including Keith Hoda, Danny Johnson, Ken Warren, Glen Johnson, Lavern Moran, Dale Hoda, Pee Wee Moran, Jonathan Ladner, Adrianna Hoda, Jerry Jaye, Sammy Cuevas (RIP), Gene Moran and so many more; Silver City Band with Danny Johnson, Frank Newby, Ray Hanser, Jr., etc...; Country Gold/Texas Flat including Felix Werner, Blake Werner, Steve Mitchell, Rick McGill; Autumn Rise-N including Jamie Shaw, David Noonan, Phillip Stegall, David Adams, David Grey, Ty Taylor, Tom Moore, Geoffrey Watts, Matt Fortenberry, Chris Bayless, Thomas Jenkins, Kevin Cuevas, Philman Ladner, Mike Robertson, Mike Anderson; other musicians: Matt Schnake, MJ Favre (RIP), Bryan Austin, Samantha Desporte, Jeff Pauley, Ted White, Debbie Dukes, John King, Seadon Faulkner, Stacy Collins, Trent Lee, Jeff Calliouet, Travis Kennedy, Jeff Cressionie, Don Winters, John Temple and so many others that for some reason their names have escaped me for now! The MS Gulf Coast really is bursting with talent and it makes me proud!

Now that I have stepped out on my own, I am so proud to say that I have found my way back to some very important people and gained another. Thanks Phillip, Dave, Geoffrey and Ray for always being there! Thanks to Peggy Thomas for taking on something new and exciting! Thank to Ted White and David Grey for helping me with everything! Y'all are the best! (No I didn't forget Mama, Sid, Autumn and the rest of my family as I couldn't do any of this without their support!)


I am sooooo extremely excited to make another trip to Nashville next month. I will be signing autographs at the Tootsies booth daily from 2-3 at the CMA Music Fest! I will also be performing at different venues on Broadway! Its going to be great!