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Nerves are fraught but well hidden beneath their own version of a professional veneer, this is the first public display within Coarse for G and though rehearsals have been going gratifyingly well and Derek, Philly and Rob have only positive things to say, stage time is always and entirely a different matter. "We are Coarse, we hope you like our shit" is the short and sweet intro heard over Dels Spinal Tap-esque widdlings, and thus begins the show. As always, they begin with Crashing Down, a romping, stomping number that is one of the oldest in their current set. Immediately its clear they're not taking the softly, softly tact, getting right on in there, picking up where they left off Coarse's passion, drive and sheer talent is now unmistakable and breathtaking, they are the most powerful and entertaining band trawling the local circuit at the moment What's thrilling about Coarse is that from show to show you start to notice little tweaks and adjustments. Nothing drastic, just a twiddle here, a roll there, subtle but effective, tuning songs and experimenting to see what else can by gained from it. Like true artists the product is never completely finished. As influences are changed, techniques are learned and concepts are formed, the songs remain fresh as they mirror the ever changing face of their creators, the band, itself. The part of the evening I personally have been waiting for has arrived. The unveiling of the new song, Metal Mickey. If you want a crude first impression, imagine Kirk Hammet had been in Nirvana circa Insesticide, this is the sound that would have torn up the 90's. It's delightfully heavy whilst remaining playful, distinctive and melodic riffs pull it back from descending entirely into metal, and the vocals are astounding. Screams so guttural that Kat Bjelland (all praise) would be proud. The tune is the usual Philly brilliance that I have quite frankly come to expect. Imaginative vocal styling, not melodies that follow and rarely deviate from the main riff, detracting from everything Del and G bring to the fray. This is why voices are lost, the singing should compliment the licks, not trundle along beside them. This is where Philly excels, pushing himself to write with more than one tune in mind and experimenting with layers and structure. The set ends there, shorter than I was expecting but powerful and to the point, what doesn't kill this band makes them stronger and so far, nothing can seem to put these buggars down.

By Bryony Shipston.

May the COARSE be with you....Always


Philly Beaver on Guitars, and Vocalizer, Rob Harnetty on Drums, Dr “G” on Bass, Derek Beaver on Guitars.

Coarse formed in 1998 in Sandy Bedfordshire. After a few line up Changes, and a period of learning and improving, they hit the clubs and pubs playing their own brand of rock n roll to an ever growing group of loyal supporters. Along the way they recorded and released 3 E.Ps, 1998's Hate you again, 1999's A Dream, and 2000's Blind to the dark. These limited editions all sold out.

In 2003 Coarse went into the studio to record their debut full length CD. Working with Noel Rafferty(one time AC/DC engineer) they produced Contemplating Life. It contains 11 tracks showcasing the varied nature of Coarse's music, and received excellent reviews.

Armed with a message of Integrity, Honesty, and understanding Coarse are taking the music around the countries clubs. Playing to enthusiastic crowds, receiving some great reviews, and writing more and more new tunes. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this is a band that matters, and in a world of pre-packaged, vacum sealed rock n roll how often can we say that?