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Updated Status

Just wanted to keep everyone up on what's been going on with us. Paul is currently back east helping with an ailing family member for a few months. In the mean time we are working hard at finishing up our first CD and possibly having our second one finished as well. We were able to get a lot of work done prior to him leaving and will hopefully have things completed in time for his return. We thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you all soon. We are working on a few shows as either a 3 piece or having our friend and engineer Schmitty sitting in for Paul and playing out as a full band. We will let you all know as we move forward. Thanks SOLE

New Material (A Guitar Players Perspective)

The ol' captain shouts out details on these mind boggling rifts and countless song parts as he says "just play the damn thing, I can do it" I look at my twisted fingers and aching forearm muscles as I try again and again to make them move in the fashion he so desires... I look up to the sky and shout defiantly to the clouds... I secretly wish he didn't ingest those massive amounts of coffee and look back and my fingers as they seem a little more relaxed... Maybe there is that slight ray of hope... Damn that ol' captain for being such a great slinky guitar player and song writer.... I will get him.... I will show him who can play those notes back to back....

new material

the time is upon the ol' captain to ingest unwise and possibly inappropriate amounts of coffee so that i can begin recording the new face-melting demos for the rest of the crew. yes, that gnawing in my guts and nether regions is indeed excitement.

The Sail Inn

Had a great time at the Sail Inn in Tempe. Lots of great artists and amazing musicians. It was hot as hell on stage and we all sweated accordingly. July is a busy month for us as we are working on some new material and Paul will be out of the state working back east. We will be taking this time to break in the new bass player and possibly playing a few shows as a three piece if something comes up. We can't wait until we are back together in August and start getting geared up for our CD release party and will have more information to follow regarding where and when that will occur so keep checking back and we look forward to seeing you there.