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How it is????

There's still a glimmer of light in your eye's, I can tell. A piece of you that still remains from as a child. It's there. Underneath all that bullshit and the lies that piled up in front of your very existence while distracting you to be a manipulative fiend. So take that part of yourself and plant it into every day you have left on this earth. nurture that seed and spread it! Watch how people latch on. There is a need now for an open minded, clear conscience nature more than ever. A more than TV fantasised reality. Shrug off that cold material waste that weighs you down and the walls of scheming gluttony surrounding. Shine like you're doubt has never let you before. Kill w/ kindness, feel w/ every tick of your heart, live w/ every ounce of energy that you have left, while you are still here!