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Day 6

the continuing saga of BES is that another 206 points have dropped from my standing. I fail to grasp the understanding while I get good Stats and lets be frank a steady culmination of stats such as new fans, plays and tremendous downloads and yet all I see for the effort is a drop in points , there is no value in continuing this, tomorrow will be the last day.

Day 5

good grief is there no end in this culling? down another 212 points of BES while the stats continue to go up 6045 downloads to date another 10 for fans more plays etc, widgets up 330 etc the only thing that is consistent is the disemmination of info, No contact from RN nor any likelyhood. What can I say or do? Nothing,

Day 4

This daily blog will continue for 3 more days. As of this morning I lost another 219 BES points regardless that my fans increased by 5 and the there were over 70 plays and 30 downloads and that I had posted my 167th Song. I have also posted under my profile Bio the weekly Stats since Aug 17th. That week we were in first place for the entire week. Although you cannot compare stats account the Marquees have disappeared the No 1 Group has had 68 plays versus my 883.Their BES remained the same it didn't go down.

Day three since the whats up RN Blog

down another 226 points while the first placers remain with a gain of 6 points their stats haven't changed but I'd like to see what they did to not lose any in 10 days. downloads now over 6000 everyone gave feedback and players and downloads work, The only thing that doesn't it the point system. New song has good reviews Thanks everyone for your support.


Day two since the last blog

Wow tremendous support from everyone after my last Blog and email , I thank you all , I have discovered a couple of things , one being many people have tried to play or download songs but were unable to, If for some reason you can't play or download please let me or reverbNation know of the problem. Secondly the decline in points continues yesterday lost 233 point I will continue to report this daily I I expect that this will coninue for another 10 days where I will be at the 5000 point level, Stay tuned if this is so someone needs to explain something.

Whats up on ReverbNation?

Nothing worse than a complainer and a whiner but I had to get this off my chest.

Why are the stats for everyone that are usually displayed on a marquee gone? Because too many people use them to compare themselves to others. Answer from RN "It was causing too many emails to Reverbnation by people complaining (not me). But now it seems they are getting too many emails about these stats not being displayed. I have a policy of putting up the plays the visits the fans etc just to keep everyone informed and I put this up on the press clippings. Also once a month or so I put up an email about the most played songs etc, I don't charge for my music I share it freely with everyone but if you join as a fan it means that Yes you'll accept some emails but please don't mark it as spam just unsubscribe that way you'll stop getting the emails but you wont hurt my stats. Speaking of Stats apparently since the 18th of Aug I have had a total of 7 reports really that's not bad but if you think I email too much tell me unsubscribe but please don't say I'm spamming you. I have lost 3000 points and have tried to ask the folks at Reverbnation why (not a complaint just a what am I doing wrong) and they say it will pass, its a new thing that they have started, well I can't understand because the Spam percentage on my emails is 0% even with the 1 or 2 reports of spam. I don't think that this should really reflect in the daily loss of over 250 points per day. Having been a part of Reverbnation for well over a year my stats are steady you the fans are steady so it doesn't make sense. I guess I should just roll over and let it happen. I hate it when people change Rules in the middle of a game. I like to think that people like the music I put up and share. I don't like being punished for something I don't control. I appreciate all the support everyone has give me as it pushes me to try better and to be better. I'm very sorry to those who think I'm spamming them they are very few and would be doing me a favor by unsubscribing if they feel that they are been Spammed. Thanks for all your support.

"Keeping Live Blues Alive"

Gerry Pearson

Stats for folks who like that!

here's some stats since the last email, 3610 Fans, 35,611 plays, 5816 downloads, 237 songs uploaded, 1892 videos Played, 17,504 visits WOW! Thats alot of Traffic Whew! Thanks to everyone thank you!

TOP Ten songs in last Year

1 Jesus just left Chicago 2 All your Love I Miss Loving Feat Hank Lionhart 3 Travelling South 4 Aint Lost Nothing (Feat. D Kitlitz) 5 Just Got Back from Baby's 6 Sweet Home Chicago 7 Everyday I Get The Blues 8 RoadHouse Blues (New) 9 The Sky is Crying 10 Everyday I have the Blues (Feat Michael Charles and his Band)

TOP Ten Songs in last 30 days

1 Shake your Money Maker (Feat Mary Thomas & Brian Petch) 2 I want you to want me (NEW) 3 Cut Me Loose Feat Hardline Blues Band 4 Midnight Train Feat Mary Thomas Band Updated 5 Blow Wind Blow (NEW) 6 Let Me Love You Baby Feat Mary Thomas 7 Killing Floor Live at the Foxx Den 8 Little Red Rooster (Updated) 9 Everyday I have the Blues (Feat Michael Charles and his Band) 10 Baby Please don't Go Feat Mary Thomas & Brian Petch



As Jimi Hendrix once said "Blaa Blaa Woof Woof" this seems to cover all bases when facing diversity and stats that seem to take control of our lives. I have for the past 2 months fighting a losing battle to stats as no matter what I do it doesn't seem to help. I have been lucky to have been for a few months in the past year in first Position for Blues and that was thanks to all the fans and artists that joined,played songs and generally messaged me to send words of encouragement. I saw that the latest group had a humungous fan base or email list and this hurtled them from obscurity to first place. This hurt because it wasn't expected, it wasn't a gradual climb but more a meteoric shot to the top. So I have decided to laisser -faire ( to Let It Be) and just continue to play music , upload the odd song and watch the wheels go by. I haven't hammered you with emails pleaing for you to play my songs because I think that the product usually speaks for itself. So I want to thank you again for your support and hope you continue to do so as I will also! My goal was to put up as many songs as possible, I did that, now over 159 have been uploaded to date. I look forward to putting up even more! Stay Tuned!

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers, what a whirlwind year, Posting over 158 songs adding new ones weekly, Playing with great Musicians, Michael Charles Jan 24th at Blues on Whyte listen to the tune "Everyday I have the Blues", playing with Hank Lionhart of Fist Full of Blues, Jimmy Guiboche, David Nobes, Dave Berry Darrel Kitlizx, Mark Ammar, Noel MacKenzie the list goes on and on! Every week I look foward to putting up new songs playing with old and new friends Its all about Keeping Live Blues alive, even sneaking in the odd rock tune! Stay tuned for more tunes and watch as some of the old ones get removed I usually give 24 hrs notice.Whats it cost? nothing!!!!

Song Hiatus

Wow running out of space for songs, I guess I'm going to have to cull from the 100 songs I have up, I have removed a few and will do it again just to refresh the list and music. There's something here for everyone from Rock, Blues Jazz, Country and just jammin, Hope everyone is enjoying this as much as I am.