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Home Grown

Hey there! We have made great progress on our album and are excited for our first show of 2014 at The Toad Tavern. Come check it out on Feb. 8th, we have 2 new songs to perform and twice the party of last year!


We are making great headway on incorporating our 2 new members and will soon be delivering a fuller sound much closer to redline than alchemy has gotten to date!

Making Moves

It's heating up in Denver, and we're packing in the shows to keep the heat on! We've been busy making new friends, making new songs, learning fun covers, and enjoying the summer! We'll also post photos of us (Redline Alchemy) having said fun...soon. It will be a good time and you'll be jealous of how much fun we're having in the pics. So sorry in advance. But no need to be jealous when you can JOIN IN THE FUN WITH RLA! Hit up one of our upcoming shows- hell, hit them all up and Dan will buy you a shot, per Joe. We are also currently kicking around ideas for t-shirts and stickers, if you have any ideas and want to get involved, send em our way! Just don't send them to Robby, he'll just scoff at your idea, change one minor part, and take full credit for his awesome idea. Just kidding Robby. Woah that was a tangent. Those happen on the monthly RLA blog. Let's bring it back with an invitation Friday to Casselman's on 26th and Walnut. We have presales available for $8 each, be sure to request them on our comment section here or FB and we'll get them to ya. Cronic Magazine is also hosting a fashion show at this same event, and live tattoos are happening by Under Oath Tattoo! Too many reasons not to go, upcoming shows TBA. Guess what else happens besides tangents on the monthly blog? Band of the Month of course! Please check a moment to take out Ska Skank Redemption, your local Denver ska band to get down to. The band has recently finished recording a new album and are working on the final stages before releasing to all! They are going on their second national tour this summer, visiting many of the same places but also adding new stops and headed from CO all the way to San Francisco! Redline Alchemy recently got to play a set with this fine band and the night was fantastic. Don't miss their tour kickoff show coming up at Cervantes on Wed July 18, and in the meanwhile check out their online media :) More to follow next month! Thanks for tuning in

Blog Blog Blog

Woah this month is really gettin away from us. Happy Memorial Day to all, especially those who have served and those who still do. It's been a great weekend of food, drink, and music- what an awesome way to kick off the summer! Redline Alchemy is lining up summer shows now, Denver make sure to catch us because we're coming to a bar near you. Our last 2 shows were at Sidekick's Saloon and Herman's Hideaway; we had an awesome time at both shows, and debuted a new song at each show. We're striving to debut yet ANOTHER new song on Saturday 6/2/12 at Bender's Tavern! How long can we keep this up? The Featured Band of the Month for May- RSM ! (Royal Space Merics some have called them). RSM is an original 4 piece rock machine, designed for a single purpose- to rock crowds into a crazed robotic space trance. Or maybe just play live music to get down to. You decide because they are headlining the June 2nd show! Please come out to support Redline Alchemy and RSM on this epic night. Also go check out RSM's music on their Reverb Nation and fan them! We're back to the lab this week to work on our setlist, don't miss it!

RSM  (over 5 years ago)

We love you boys! Thanks for the shout out!

Spring is in the air

Glad to see it's warming up and people are getting outside again! We've made some good forward progress on recording our second album, and we're getting closer to being able to share it with all of you! Of course we tried to stop booking shows during the recording sessions, but we can't help it! Redline Alchemy is all about getting up on stage and blasting out the tunes. Our next show 4/27/12 at Sidekick's will be our first show with an out-of-state touring band, the Breakpoint Method from Salina KS! We've been so fortunate to work with some great venues and individuals along the way, helping us to constantly grow in the Denver music scene.

Shout outs go to Herman's Hideaway, Mark Sundermeier at the Toad Tavern, Voodoo Dollz, Brandy Darling, Bryan Pauley, El Charrito's, Del Norte Brewery, the Celtic Tavern at Riverside Downs, Paul Ewald, Michelangelo's Coffee and Wine Bar, Cervantes Master Ballroom, Jimmy Drain of Ghostblade Productions, The Oriental Theatre, and all the bands we've had the pleasure of playing with- thank you! You rock our world and we appreciate you!

Well, something new this month on our blog, we'd like to take a minute to talk about some of our friend's bands a little each month. Let's kick things off for the RLA April Featured Band of the Month (hahah sounds so official) - In Due Time! if you are in serious need of some new music, hop on over to their reverbnation and facebook pages and check out some of their jams! This Denver band is a fantastic funky ska band with a feel-good vibe, and all the band members sing! It's a fantastic show, and if you love horns like I do you should probably CHECK OUT some In Due Time LIVE!

Thank you for reading this blog! We'll have more to say next month!

Gotta keep the ball rollin!

What's up people. As March Madness begins, we here at Redline Alchemy Enterprises are feeling a certain type of madness too- the type that redirects your entire existence into existing for a sole purpose. " how bout the power to move you " (Tenacious D). The madness we speak of is the desire to rock you. And now, without further adieu, the purpose of this rant- We plan to rock your socks off at Moe's BBQ in Englewood on Sat 3/31...and now you're feeling it too. The madness. It starts...in your foot tapping. you start headbanging, you cant help it it's compulsive. Just go with it. Unable to resist, you fly out of your chair and start dancing like never before. Ahh, the music madness is contagious- SPREAD IT!

Charity Event Feb 18

RLA members decided to take February off from booking live shows to focus our energies on recording our 2nd album (first album featuring Robby), but when something bigger than ourselves comes along, how the fuck do you say no to that?! Mustaches 4 Kids Denver is a volunteer run charity drive lasting 4 weeks, this is the 3rd year running for the Denver chapter. For 3 weeks now, volunteers have been growing epic moustaches and collecting donations- all proceeds go to Denver Public Schools. You can check out the 'Stache blog at http://m4kdenver.wordpress.com/. We're entering the 4th and final week. Redline Alchemy was contacted about the event being held at Del Norte Brewing next Saturday, and went all in like poker to help raise donations and rock an awesome show! Even if you cannot attend the show, please make a donation online at http://www.donorschoose.org/donors/leadershipboard.html?category=71. Again all proceeds benefit Denver Public Schools. In addition to the festivities at Del Norte, the lovely Henna tattoo artist Amna will be doing Henna tattoos and donating everything she makes to the cause. We hope to see all of your beautiful smiling faces there on Saturday, adorned with fake mustaches you get at the door! Peace.

Happy New Year

Hope 2012 is treating everyone good thus far. We've been keeping busy learning new originals, covers, and 3 shows this month! The first was at the Toad Tavern in Littleton and it was a blast! Special thanks to those who made it out to the Toad, contact us about live demo recorded/mixed by Kyle Zender! Don't despair just yet if you haven't seen us live or want to again, our next show is Thurs 1/26/12 and our friends Safe Under The Tree are opening, Lula Granji rocks it out right after us, then we are lucky enough to have RSM headline, stoked to play with these guys again! We follow that show up with a Sunday show at Cervantes on 1/29 contact us we're selling $8 tickets and you DON'T want to miss this set. We are celebrating our Acoustica album's 1 year anniversary on stage, and will have albums for sale at the show! Then in February it's off to recording!!!

Live RLA

Hey all, we got some video (with several different angles) in the works, with our first ever HIGH QUALITY live audio tracks! Special thanks to the Ausmus bro's dad, Garri for getting good video as usual, and to Ben for contributing to the project with some awesome new angles! We're currently mixing the audio tracks from our Halloween show and will have some new vid up soon! As always, check out and subscribe to Garri's YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MajorFokup to see all the live RLA action he's captured so far, Thanks for listening!

Headline Halloween Show at Herman's Hideaway

We go on at 11:00 PM Thursday October 27th and play till our fans leave or 2:00 AM Which ever comes first. planning at least an hour and a half Rockin in costume. Dress up and come Party with us. new covers, lots of instrument swaps, multi genre set, we are breaking some of our Metal songs for the first time on stage. $6 buck cover, $3 with tickets available friday september 30th. free with college ID. Half price bud Lights and longislands. A Rockin Party you dont want to miss !