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And..... reborn as NAKED JANE!

We're back - finally! Covers of classic Americana - we'll keep you dancing all night long. Plus a few originals just for fun - check back on show dates soon!


Finally, after months and months of work, our new album, "Turnaround" is out! It represents a turning point for us, from hard rock to Americana, and are we ever happy with the result - hope everyone enjoys our new music.

Its available on the Reverbstore, and soon on iTunes and other retailers!

The Road to Memphis

Although we're largely Americana with a little swamp flavouring thrown in - like Louisiana hot sauce - we write and play blues as well.

And Mark has a pretty cool blues sensibility, what with his love of the White Stripes, the Black Keys, and all the blues in between.

So we've posted a couple of our blues songs in support of our application for the "Road to Memphis" competition. Hope you enjoy them!


New name, new page, new sound

Welcome to our new reverbnation page - we hope you enjoy listening to our tunes!