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MACONSONG & Mama Louise

Howdy, folks… I thought I’d give a little historical background to the song I wrote called “Maconsong.” There are a few historical real folk in there… from Otis Redding, to the Allman Brothers, and Little Richard. Yet, particularly, the heart and soul of Macon was one Mama Louise. Now, the confusing part is that there were two Mama Lousie’s associated with the H & H Restaurant. I chose to use “Mama Louise” as a character in the song because, even though she went by “Mama Louise” and “Mama Hill” and “Mama Inez”… oh my Lord… which one… and to add more confusion, her cousin/goddaughter that co-owned it is still alive, and well, is also known as “Mama Louise”… well, I decided to use the name because it honors both of them, even though one has passed, and one is still alive… and…well, the rhythm of the name fit better. For various reasons. Read on about both of these fine individuals serving soulfood in Macon Georgia, and making the world a better place! All quoted from Wikipedia for your entertainment. Peace! H&H Restaurant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"H&H restaurant specializes in southern comfort food and soul food restaurant located on Forsyth Street in downtown Macon, Georgia. It was opened in 1959 by Inez Hill, also known as “Mama Hill” or "Mama Louise". It is co-owned by Louise Hudson. “Mama Hill” was born on October 13, 1913, in Warrenton, Georgia. She moved to Macon in 1950, when her husband began to work at Robins Air Force Base. In 1959 Inez Hill opened H&H Restaurant with her goddaughter and cousin Louise Hudson. The first location of the restaurant was at Hayes and Third Street, then moved to Cotton Avenue before finally settling at 807 Forsyth Street.[3] The Dining room walls of H&H are covered with memorabilia and posters of The Allman Brothers Band, as well as one of the awards from their Filmore East album. The Allman Brothers Band lived in the Big House, which is now The Big House (The Allman Brothers Band Museum), from 1970 to 1973. This is where they wrote "Ramblin' Man (The Allman Brothers Band song)", “Please call Home”, and “Blue Sky”. The Big House is located on the corner of Vineville Avenue, by the H&H restaurant. The struggling musicians put their money together one day to share a single meal at H&H one afternoon. Mama Louise felt sorry for the hungry musicians and brought them their own individual meals for free. This was the beginning of their friendship; they always knew they could count of Mama Louise when times were hard. After the band became famous, they invited Mama Louise on tour with them in 1972 to California to fix their meals, however she never cooked a single thing.[4]

Mama Hill passes On December 18, 2007, Inez “Mama” Hill passed away at 12:30 a.m. She collapsed while working at the H&H and was taken to the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon where doctors determined she suffered a brain aneurysm. She lived to be the mother of seven, a grandmother of sixteen, a great-grandmother, and a great-great-grandmother. Her funeral service was in Macon, but closed to the public."

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High Road Music
High Road Music  (almost 6 years ago)

What an amazing history. Thanks for sharing all of this. I've always been an Allman Brothers fan but never knew these things. Forever learning something new. LOL.


I wrote ALWAYS FAITHFUL while my heart was melting. The song just poured genuinely out of my soul. I offer it to all the Marines & their loved ones that wait for their safe return home. My intention is to encourage families and loved ones to remain faithful to their Marine, after all, they give so much and deserve to come HOME, a home intact. Open arms. You know the story.

NASHVILLE was written, again, from the depths of my soul. Alcoholism, and the human spirit get entwined, and I don't want to say too much here, but Nashville Angels, there are so many of you, won't you sing with me? My soul is crying to sing, this world is hard, especially for we artists that try to be real. I am sure you know what I mean, sing with me. Cuz love shines in you, and you have to let God shine.