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Second EP launch - Turnaround 10/11/12

I can confirm that I will be releasing my second EP on 10/11/12 and am having some real difficulty trying to choose the right tracks for it. If you have any faces please tweet me on @leevannsolo.

Much love x

New Gig review: OPEN


Lee Vann is an unsigned, up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Norwich – a multi-instrumentalist who’s been playing ever since he was a kid. Having previously sold out Norwich Arts Centre for the release of his debut EP I Sing, You Sing, tonight’s also-sold out gig in OPEN’s Club Room makes it clear that his hard work hasn’t been in vain.

Kicking off with the title track from I Sing, You Sing, it’s remarkable how comfortable Lee is on stage, oozing confidence and charisma. Throughout the 12-song set, the energy never falters and the fans sing along to every word. Calmness only descends for We, a very personal and emotional song which Lee wrote for his brother, currently serving in the army. For this song, Lee requests silence to play it in a way he says has never done before – with just him playing a piano – and the audience duly oblige, hanging on to his every word.

The final song of tonight’s set, Broken Wave, ends with everyone singing along and most assembled whip their cameras out to capture the moment. The infectious “baba-bababa-babas” in the chorus play in my head all the way home. A perfect ending to an enjoyable night.

With an ever-expanding band of loyal followers and a second EP, Turn Around, due for release in November, Lee Vann looks set to become Norfolk’s hottest acoustic sensation. If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the Vann wagon.

Words: Kirsty Bailey

A huge thank you to Kirsty Bailey and B-Side Magazine.

PLAY FEST Main stage confirmed!!!

I can proudly announce that I am playing on the main Stage at Play Fest this summer. I will be performing on the Sunday with FEEDER Headlining the same stage that night. Contact me for tickets #isingyousing

Open headline show SOLD OUT

We have done it again, SOLD OUT the gorgeous new venue OPEN. Thanks to everyone who has got tickets. I have a few little surprises for this gig and a couple of ANNOUNCEMENTS!! Keep your eyes peeled. #isingyousing

'I sing you sing' EP Launch SOLD OUT

My EP launch sold out in a matter of weeks and I have been overwhelmed by all the support. Thanks to everyone who bought the EP and continues to support my music. #isingyousing