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2 weeks on the road

Just got home from playing shows ( and spending a shitload of money ). Some things I learned along the way: 1) Winter is probably not the best time to travel north. 2) My band is really good. Seriously. We didn't get a chance to practice the song we were about to record before leaving TX and we really knocked it out of the park. Can't wait for everyone to hear it. 3) People in Omaha, NE are really friendly. It was like playing a show in our own backyard. Even the people we met that didn't come to our show were very hospitable. So, much love is sent their way. 4) Survival is survival. When you are sleeping in a van and the weather is like 8 degrees, you will find yourself doing things you normally wouldn't do to get warm. I can honetly say that I never want to have to spoon any of the members of my band again. I contemplated gutting them Hoth-style and climbing inside them for warmth. 5) Houston and Harker Heights were both very hospitable to us as well. Good vibes evertytime we play Scout Bar and The Music Vault was like a huge musical love fest. 6) My band is really, really good. We seriously didn't practice before leaving TX. I think we were itching to play so badly that when we finally did it was a magical performance everytime. (Not counting the drunken cover songs we played at the Casino)

This list is getting way too long so I guess I will stop it there and get ready for band practice. (see..even after 2 weeks of being around each other, we are going to go practice.)

Hopefully we will have some new songs for you guys and we are planning on recording and touring more in this new year.


Michael G.

Winter is Coming

So we started our trip to Des Moines IA Monday, Jan 2. "Sure, why not travel north during the winter months?" The ride up went surprisingly smooth and spirits were high. We elected to sleep at a truck stop after getting our 3rd tank of gas (we are only getting about 6-8 mpg with all our gear in tow). BIG Mistake! With the temperature in Missouri plummeting we found it to be next to impossible to sleep. Every shift let in a blast of ice cold air into our blankets. In an attempt to kept the heat in I found myself suffocating myself in my own blankets. I was breathing in nothing but my own exhalations. Unable to sleep we drove on into Des Moines and tried to sleep again in the parking lot of a Wal Mart. Nothing was as shocking as the feeling I had when the cold air woke me up. I wonder if it is a similar sensation to being birthed. Anyway, to all my friends in Texas, be forewarned...Winter is indeed coming.

Michael G.


So on our trip to finding Caveman a guitar, we quickly find out he is in search of an exotic guitar. Yeah....a guitar is a guitar, but in his understanding its like finding a girlfriend. It must be the right one: Les Paul, plays well, must have a gorgeous color and must turn heads......What do you all like?