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The Old Man

Two days ago I was in WV at a local McDonald's having my morning coffee. While having my coffee I decided to meditate on the sermon from Sunday morning. A little old man that worked there walked by. He stopped and asked me was I reading the Bible or a dictionary. I told him it was the Bible. His face lit up and he walked over to my Bible and begin caressing his hand over the page. He said "What kind of Bible is this?" I told him it was New King James Version and it was also a study for married couples. He stood there for a few minutes and just marveled over the book. Then he said "I used to have me a Bible, but my wife has gotten rid of all of them....I love the Lord, I love his word...it is the only thing that brings me joy." I immediately offered him the extra Bible I had in my car. He asked was it a small pocket Bible that way he could carry it around without being caught. I told him unfortunately all I had was a standard size Bible. He told me no thanks because he was worried about his wife finding the Bible and getting rid of it. He walked off and begin cleaning tables. I said a prayer for him under my breath, gathered my things and begin to walk out the door. I turned and said to him "There is nothing that can separate you from the love of Christ...God Bless". He walked over to me and he said he wanted the Bible and he think he could hide it in the closet at work. That way he can get his word and get his joy back. I gave him the Bible and he began to cry. He thanked me and asked me to say a prayer for him and his wife. I told him I would. I got in the car and watched him go back inside the McDonald's walk over to their cleaning closet and place it in there. My heart was immediately filled. To think that in this day and time there are still people who don't feel they have the freedom to worship, even in their own home. Please keep "The Old Man" in prayer.

Eugenia  (almost 6 years ago)

That was Moving !!!1

Illusions Shattered

Last night I played at Creatures Cafe with J.Fraze. My mom accompanied me and I have to tell you first impressions aren't everything. Word to the wise don't lean too heavily on a first impression. When I arrived my first thought was that I was in the wrong place. See I heard it was a christian nightspot, but at first glance that didn't seem to be the case. Then when I looked around the people seemed to be your typical spoken word, indie crowd. A crowd I recall from my days of hosting a spoken word night. After it was confirmed it was a christian spot, I then worried about the people recieving me. It turned out to be an amazing night. The people were great, they were engaged and supportive. After J. Fraze's set, I was convinced of one thing. It doesn't matter what you personally think, when you let go of self and let GOD....He moves no matter what! Creatures Cafe thanks for a great night :)

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