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Ambient chill-out down-tempo music volume 2

After the first successful volume completely made by Sonis Rai the second album is a combination of his newest tracks with some amazing new ambient chill out artists, the first track is a very atmospheric track, composed with elements of ambient, Indian ethnic and spacy psychedelic atmospheres a very deep intro to the compilation, the second track is Didjerick the Jonge masterpiece combining elements of ambient and acoustic music. The third track is a progressive ambient chill out track fluid sounds and driving percussions. The fourth track called faded colours is a leftfield chill out track wich combines ambient atmospheric sounds with noise sonic atmospheric sound and live instruments like bass (Played by Partha Tickel ) and Piano. a classic ambient chill out track made by alkahest amazing atmospheres. Freeze the dreams is a another classic chill out track deep ambient track originally created by Ryo Utasato and remixed by Sonis Rai. Another Ambient track made by Alkahest , very interesting combination of melodic synths and evolving soundscapes and drums. Another deep ethnic ambient very melodic and spacy combination of acoustic and synthetized sounds. Than an incredible composition made by jama japa and interesting combination of ambient sounds and psychedelic atmospheres and experimental noises very well balanced and innovative. The mass Awakening is a classic ambient chill out melodic track full of clean ambient sounds and ethereal piano atmospheres, great release from a extremely good producer called Cosmic Quest. The album finishes with a beautiful ethereal ambient track full of deep melodies and experimental glitch atmospheres an amazing end to the album. Read more at http://lounge-music-djs.com/node/146#LSmQtCVWmyod7Q3R.99