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A Caged Beasts Affliction

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G2G Evolution

I sit back and contemplate the realities of my situation... my position in life, my role in society ... funny thing is everyone has a different perception of what a person should be... so even if you uphold your position, there will be someone to oppose & contest that position... I have learned as a person I must accept the realities that I'll never be accepted, that is not to say there will not be people that accept me... Its just a general statement that there will be plenty of people that dislike me along my path to becoming the person I want to be... Evolution as a person in my opinion is the acceptance of everyday realities, the fact that you cannot control one's opinion about you or any other person... to learn to strive to satisfy yourself while being morally sound per say... I as a person grow each day to become stronger in all aspects, to learn to will my way through the hardest hardships with ease.

Spike G2G

Life's Progression

If there was ever a struggle worth fighting for, i'm fighting for it everyday. What would you do for a belief? How far would you go? What would you sacrifice? I ask myself that everyday and continue to push the envelope further and further. Everyday is a quest to quench this thirst & hunger for knowledge and the power of mind that I'll receive through the processes. As I grow I see my children and kids alike, it makes me contemplate the solutions to creating a better world for them. It starts with a belief and then the will to fight and struggle for what you want.

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Spike G2G's Reality

chillin contemplatin life and the moves I've made to get myself here 2day... My life is a life that could have easily been a lost cause... Im glad I have great support from some dope ass peepz... At the end of the day what a person must realize that what comes in life is on you and what you want and not to depend on some1 doing something for you but rather doing what you have to do an fight for what you believe in... Shit dont let any1 deter you if you have a vision... you only live once so at least at the end of the day you tried and you know who you are... whether you ambitions are small or grand its all the same believe and your fate will be inevitable... Spike G2G GEEZY2GREEZY Enivitable Fate Entertainment