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"Madness Never Sleeps" - 2011

"Madness Never Sleeps" - 2011 Our New Album soon to be Available!!!

Quick Explanation - We spent the year of 2010 writing and recording 2 songs (sometimes 3) every-other month and releasing them for free on our website. If you didn't catch on till now or missed a few songs, don't worry. It'll be available soon as our new full-length album - Madness Never Sleeps. Artwork by Mo Moussa and Mastered by Chris Sulit at Moonskull Studios.

Track List Includes: 1. Into the Woods 2. Slave Dog 3. Radio Waves 4. Poseidon's Lion 5. Suicide Boots 6. eF 7. Mosquitoes 8. The Curse 9. Poison Banana 10. Couriers of War 11. Eye of the Storm 12. Collar Shirted Criminals 13. The Saint 14. Spiders

Also, we’re booking lots of shows in celebration of our infamous Rotting Blob Barbarian Van being brought back to life. Look for us in NYC, NJ, Allentown, Scranton, Philly, Philly Subs, York/ Harrisburg, Baltimore, DC, and Richmond this spring.


In the Sky

So, John's getting married, and wants his bachelor party to defy gravity. Where better than - we're jumping out of a plane!

Also going on: We just finished recording the two songs for our next Digital 45 release - "Suicide Boots" and "Eye of the Storm". They will be available before the end of Sept - and will be given out at our next show - Oct 8th at the North Star in Philly.


Recording Again - #4 of 6

We're still doing the Digital 45's. Looks like we might through a bonus track on this one and make it a three song release (we just can't help ourselves). Songs to be on: Poison Banana, Collar Shirted Criminals, and ...

ROCK!!! ...Adam - The Last Barbarians

Recording new (no. 3 of 6) "Digital 45" for release in May, 2010

We started recording again. It was a LONG weekend.

The plan was to record at Chris' Studio (formally of Bourbon Armory), but he got food poisoning. So, we set up like we have for the past 2 releases at our practice studio with my equipment. (I'm an engineer, but it's no fun recording myself)

Everything went great until the hand-me-down computer started freaking out!!! All drum, bass, and half the guitar tracks done - and the computer decides to loose half the tracks. Fighting with it for an hour after being there all weekend, I left and said. “I’ll be back on Monday”.

Monday - I went into the deleted files and found the tracks for "Poseidon's Lion"!!! – We never found "7/4". So, we rerecorded "7/4". Everything sounds great, just put us behind schedule.

Never the less, I took off work today. I'm beat, Adam