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Please come to see Karisma perform

Please join in the fun watching the R&B group Karisma at The Golden Nugget located at 2046 Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo, NY. The show is Saturday, March.7, 2015. Doors open at 7:00 pm $15 in advance...$20 at the door. Tickets available at Mikes Lounge and The Golden Nugget. Thank you all.

Vocal Music Contest at www.tallenge.com

Greetings my friends. Thank you for all your support. I have advanced to the second round of the contest. Please vote for my new video "Jesus is the light of life." Go to www.tallenge.com and vote for Natasha Evans. If you need help message me or refer to my Facebook page. I post details on voting daily. Thank you.

Thank you for voting. Please vote for me at www.tallenge.com

Greetings my friends. Please vote for me in the second round of the vocal music contest at www.tallenge.com my friends. Please vote for me in a singing contest at www.tallenge.com. Go to the word search in white writing. Type my name Natasha Evans next to the word search near the word categories on the right hand side of the screen. Find my profile and click on my video. You will see I‘m singing the song Jesus is the light of life. In white writing at the bottom of the video select an opponent will appear. Click on the white writing and choose an opponent. As the opponent video plays, in white writing cast your vote will appear on the bottom of the screen. Click on the white writing and both videos appear on the next screen. Click on my video and the screen will say thank you for voting for Natasha Evans and your vote is cast. If you have questions regarding voting feel free to e-mail me. Thank you! I appreciate you and please keep in touch. Take care and God Bless you. www.tallenge.com. Thank you I appreciate you all.

www.tallenge.com Singing Contest

http://www.tallenge.com/vote/vote0.aspx?vid=497b112b-4c81-406a-a850-02cb615409e9. Hi everyone, Just a reminder to please vote for me in the singing contest link above. You can also vote by going to the website www.tallenge.com. Search Natasha Evans. Just follow the three step process and cast your vote. If you need more assistance send me an e-mail at davias.natasha@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!

Tallenge Singing contest

Hi my awesome fans! I'm sorry I have not replied to all of your e-mails yet. I have had a busy summer. Please vote for me at this link http://www.tallenge.com/vote/vote0.aspx?vid=497b112b-4c81-406a-a850-02cb615409e9. I have entered a singing contest. Pease send some support. Love ya. :) The Website is www.tallenge.com. You have until August.21, 2014 to vote. Thank you and I will be in touch.


Hi everyone! Im new to this Website. Feel free to send me a message. I would love to network with all musicians. I would love to gig more frequently. Take care and have a wonderful day!