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I'm not really normal I'm a little weird if I dont say so myself haha. But that's cool I like weird. First thing I guess I would say is how I got into making music. Well as a small child I never really cared for music. Up to the age of 10 I started listening to bands such as Atreyu and My Chemical Romance. After finding this type of music "emo" I found myself interested in this type of music. later on speeding up to age 13 I started getting into what's know as "hardcore music" Like Blessthefall, Alseana, and The Word Alive etc. I started screaming and was hoping I could be in a band as a screamer. For the past 2 years I did nothing but scream and I stopped at age 15 I started picking it up again around. I believe I started my first song at 15 on ukulele. From there I started feeling like I had so much to say. So I knew I had to find something else to play. At age 16 I already knew how to play the ukulele and play some guitar. on 5/25/11 I made "Summer Set Sail" Offical. I had like about 4 songs already made which lead me to find myself trying to just express my feelings towards my music and trying to find fans that can relate to the diffculties I've had in my life hopefully my fans well like my music and be thankful for helping them. Cause for me honestly music helps me deal with my problems a song is all I need to feel better and I think that's what everyone needs. Music can set you free. So be ready for "Summer Set Sail".