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The Beauty of Vinyl

For months now, the only thing I’ve been anticipating as much as my record release show in November is receiving the actual records themselves. To hold in my hands the tangible manifestation of all the hard work and dedication that went into writing, rehearsing, and recording a collection of songs which have come to define my musical career over the past several years. To behold the result of not only my own efforts, but those of the most talented (and patient) folks I’ve ever had the privilege of collaborating with, all of whom also happen to be dear to my heart. And last Friday, that moment came to pass. And it was freaking awesome. Eleven boxes of shrink-wrapped records with my music on them are currently piled up against my living room wall, a constant reminder of how they will soon be making their way onto turntables near and far.Now with all of the hype and promo I’ve been dishing out over my new record, I often find myself being asked the question: “Why vinyl?” And since “…because it’s freaking awesome” is probably not a satisfactory response, I thought I’d take a moment to offer more insight...

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Allen Toussaint: Remembering a Legend

Years ago while I was on tour, I was playing at a coffee shop in New Orleans called The Neutral Ground. A handsome older couple showed up in the midst of my set and sat down, watching and listening attentively. Eventually the man got up, walked over to the piano, and asked if he could sit in on a song. I said, in all my naivety, “Oh, do you play?” He simply smiled and replied, “A little.” ...

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