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Complaints of Fear

For a while I've noticed that complaining is around us a lot. Nearly every day it's there. It's funny that it doesn't fix the problem one is having issues with. So why complain?

Fear is kind of similar to complaining. Just in the fact that it doesn't do much good for the "problem" that's at hand. Not only do they both cloud your judgement, complaining not as much. They also fill you with unnecessary negativity that affects everyone and everything around you. For instance...

Complaining can be a total downer for the people around you. It's not likely they woke up and wished that the day be full of negative conversations with their friends. Some could if that's what they like, but who knows. While fear can be sensed by just about anyone and anything. Which is very bad in the wilderness of corse. But in the case of the domestic world it can make you vulnerable to stronger forces, so to speak.

At the same time both are quite natural tendencies everyone has. Fear is just instinctual, and complaining is similar to an adult tantrum. Experiencing both is normal, but best in moderation. The urge to complain will show itself from time to time, and fear will always be there when it thinks we need their help. Learning to control those tendencies is a journey all of it's own.

Until next time... - Tajlyn

Patiently Distributing

It's been quite a while since I've written one of these, but now is a good time I feel to write another. Blog that is. Right now is an exciting time for me. Not only am I writing a blog, which is always fun, but I am in the process of uploading my album to CD Baby. As thrilled as I am about it, I am building up my patience and multitasking abilities.

Although if done simultaneously they probably would contradict each other. Just a thought. But that is what I am doing as of now. Working on getting my songs from New Element, my album, available to purchase on the internet.

Since they only accept WAV files it takes a really long time to upload. Really long. Actually, I think It just stalled on me. That's quite a bummer. Well, I guess I'll just have to give them a call. Anyway I am looking forward to having New Element available to all of you. In the mean time I have to make that happen! - Tajlyn

Musical Hobbies

I love music. Writing, recording, performing, or anything else that has to do with music. But there's more than just music out there. There's sports, cooking, gardening, movies, spending time with loved ones, and so on. So many things to do and experience. It can make life boring if it's all about one thing. I like to keep myself busy with hobbies that I have collected over the years. It keeps things diverse and interesting. Sometimes I'll even combine hobbies.

The great thing about that is there are no set rules, and it forces me to be creative. I approach it with an opened mind, and see what comes out of it. Sometimes I find new things to do, and sometimes it ends up being unaccomplished for that day. But that just gives me something to try again later. Anyway, getting back to music. It's the same way. There are no set rules. You can mix styles, beats, add new instruments that you would never have thought would fit, or anything else you can think of. Even putting sad lyrics to an upbeat melody, it doesn't matter, or just the opposite. The weirder the better.

I like to keep my creativity going. Whether it be in music, song writing, or any of the current hobbies that I have right now. You never know what can be done until you just go for it. - Tajlyn

Pleasant Timing

Music is something else. No matter how many times you hear a song it can still bring back the same feeling you had the very first time you heard it. Wanting to listen to it over and over again is almost an addiction in some instances. But if you don't over do it, and the longer it's been sine you've listened, then the greater it will be the next time a song comes on. That's just from my own experience.

It's the same way with many things, not just music. Movies, food, trips to a favorite place, and anything that is done regularly. Not to say spending time with people you care about. That shouldn't be spaced out for too long.

Although I do find that anything done creatively shouldn't be set. I don't like to sound like the recording while playing live. That doesn't mean I don't like how the recording sounds. If you can give a different feeling to a song while playing live, then when someone listens to that recording they remember how they felt listening to it live as well as how they originally felt. Spacing out the structure and changing things up keeps those first feelings alive. That's what makes it great. - Tajlyn

Different Paces

There's no better way to spend your time then doing something enjoyable.Whether it's something you've been doing for a while or if it's something new, it just doesn't matter. There is no stopping the power of enjoyment. But sometimes there is something that stops us from trying something we don't think we will enjoy. Because it is so odd.

My solution is to just go with it. To not have a one track mind set.

I once found myself in a situation where my set time of franticness was interrupted by the calmness of another. Their cares and worries were not as strong as mine, so they just strolled along forcing me to slow it down. More than I was used to. Impatience started to kick in. Not for long though. After letting this change of pace soak in I found it quite refreshing. I had always been wound up at the same time every day that I didn't realize I was doing it. The sad part was that I wasn't even enjoying myself. My autopilot was changed by the enjoyment someone else was having. And in the madness of the day I finally felt some relief. In other words if you just go with the slightest change you might be delighted by the outcome. Not everything though, we can choose our own limits. - Tajlyn

Scattered Thoughts

Life has a way of throwing you into the unexpected. Your mind wanders, thinking of all these scenarios that could happen, and ways to avoid things you don't want to happen. "If this turn out like that then I could do this", or "if only I never did that then this would've happened". We tend to focus on the "if" in life and forget that not what it's about. I find myself going through a bunch of "if" thoughts when I feel uncertain about things. Then I remember that "if" is just an excuse, another way to put a blame on something that no one had any control over in the first place. Sure there are ways to incorporate the word "if" in your vocabulary without it being so negative. "if" can't help it that it's used in such a manner, so I shouldn't be so mean. Anyhow there really is no reason to bring up the past with "if" on the mind or try to control the uncertainty of what's to come. Just know that whatever it may be learn from what you have done and go on with an opened mind. -Tajlyn

Just the Start

Someone once told me that it's never too late to start following your dreams. It took me awhile to realize that they were right. I spent years hiding away from the world because I wasn't exactly sure what my true "dream" was. Being unsure of my future, and not trying to find it, caused me to just go through the motions of day to day life thinking that one day it will all make sense. Each day was getting worse. I felt like I was slowing deteriorating and being placed next to the trash can never even making it to the dumpster. There was something that needed to change. Finally after many tiny baby steps of realizing what I want and working towards it I made a decision. I quit following the rules of the modern world to take on my dream of being a musician. Yes, a musician. It's only been about a week and I feel great. I know the path ahead will be a challenging one and each day is uncertain, but that's what makes it exciting. Really exciting and freakin' scary! The fate of my future lies in my own hands now. Hard to believe. It's up to me if it turns out amazing or a disappointment. None the less there is a new road that I'm traveling on. Every day is a new journey. And that is just the start..... - Tajlyn