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AftonShowsBookingReview: MyAfton.com Presents Awesome SanAntonio Music Showcase

Major s/o to Afton Shows for taking care of us a few weeks ago at our show at NightRocker:Live in San Antonio! They take great care of their artists and made the process easy and stress free. All we had to do was get people to come watch us perform. Afton took care of the rest! Real professionals! Definitely doing more shows with them in the future!

Salute - Taylor and J3

How it all started

It's quite simple really. My brothers had been planning this label for a long time, I am talking elementary/middle school days. I always had a knack for writing...novels. I even had my share of poems. I grew up fascinated by the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare! I think Shakespeare is one of the best to EVER do it! Like, we still study this man's work TODAY! Anyways, in 8th grade I had to perform with some kids a "TAKS RAP" in from of the entire Jr. High student body, it was dope. They even made us freestyle. My first ever performance. Then when I got to high school, the label wanted to put out a mixtape, my brother gave my cousin J3 and myself a beat. Hour or two later, "#1 Lover" dropped. Long story short...few years later... We open for Jon Connor and Maybach Music's Stalley, then "Cheers!" our first album drops on iTunes and "Tailored Fit" is smashin' on DatPiff. The rest...is history! Peace. Life4ce.