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End of another chapter...

Livcidium's time as a threepiece has finaly come to an end. With the addition of Timon Sisic on vocals, Livcidium is becoming a force to be reckoned with. We've wasted no time since, and have a new song, Black Hole ready to go and a couple more on the way. Our EP World Eater, is on the verge of completion and will be ready very soon. It will have five songs;some new, some dating back to the early Livcidium days. Some of the songs should be up for online streaming as early as next week, so stay tuned. As always, keep it metal!

We're back

Its been a rough year for us. We've seen band members come and go. Tryout after tryout... It seems for the moment Livcidium will continue as a threepiece. We've been working on some new material and are hitting the scene hard this summer. We're starting with a free show at hatters, followed by a show at Underworld with some bands from out of town. Who knows, maybe by the end of summer we'll be hitting the stage a little farther from home. Keep it metal!