New Single "Empty Handed" EXCLUSIVE download!

Hey People's, There's just a week to go until our big show at Webster Hall's Marlin Room, and for everyone who attends (or as an incentive to attend!) we have an Exclusive "thank you" bonus , just say at the door you are there to see Thornes you will receive a card with a free download of our new single "Empty Handed" , this song will not be available for purchase until the EP in released in 2015, hope to see you there, Cheers, S

Keeping you up to date!

Hey People's!!! We Wanna keep everyone in the loop..Thornes has a lot of irons on the fire right now! We are in the final stages of getting our single "Mary" finished up and it will be a free download for everyone! Who doesn't like free?!! Also, next week we are headed to the Studio to get to work on the rest of the album...for those of you who have seen us play in the last few months you have heard some of the new stuff. And for those who have not...I assure you these songs will blow you away!!! Def some of the best songs we've ever written. I would be remiss if I didn't mention we are getting a few different tee shirt designs ready as well. One of which, I'm excited to say, is being done by the badass graphic artist Joey James...really looking forward to getting those out to you. All in all, we are really excited with what's going on with Thornes, and the Rocknroll renaissance going on in NYC. Big congrats to our friends from The Dirty Pearls with their recent show in Austin at SXSW!! :::KILLCODE::: Official Band Page, Mother and Ten Ton Mojo all of whom have great new music coming will be playing a great show on April 5...and Thornes will be there in support!!! Spring is here!!! A

May 2012 Update!

Just thought you guys would like to know that we are still here...warming the blood that is coursing through our naughty bloody veins!!! Our last show at the Trash Bar was a fantastic show...thanks to all who made it out.

We have been asked to headline for Brooklyn Pride 2012. Save the date...June 9th, 1pm!!! Daytime show...egads, you will see us in the daylight!!!!

Personally, we are hard at work, writing our next album...I have been banging on the six-string like a screen door in a hurricane : ) As a matter of fact we will soon be releasing an acoustic EP with some of those new tunes! So keep an eye out for it! Hopefully by Christmas time we will be recording the full album of hard rockers for your listening pleasure.

We have some plans to visit upstate NY for the Utica Music Festival Sept. 14-15 and we may be planning a trip to the Dominican Republic in January for a nice little tour....We are a moving and a shaking!

More to come,



Don't miss our nest show at Kenny's Castaways NYC 157 Bleecker Street