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this is a link to some stuff i have written in case you enjoy reading strange things


page update 4-17-11

I recently started fiddlin with this page to bring a few of the things I do together in one place.

So far I have videos posted playing covers of songs I like in various capacities. 'Cold Boy Smile' I am playing acoustic guitar and singing in my basement, 'In the City' I am playing drum set and singing background at a performance with Smokestack Lightning last Friday, and 'Hard to Handle' I am playing percussion and singing with the Dirty Knobs a little over a year ago.

I have one audio track posted of some drums i recorded at a friends house a few years back.

I plan on posting many more things that I have played and recorded as well as any links to other sites where I have been posting as well.

Thanks for the interest, I appreciate you! Trav