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Band Camp!

We have officially signed up on bandcamp.com. You can now listed to both of our albums on any device including iPhones! We also have elected to sell our albums there as "pay what you want" downloads. You can download individual songs or the complete albums for any price you wish to pay, from zero to infinity.

Check it out at: www.blooddrunkshenanigans.bandcamp.com

Where you can Find Us!

Hey Eveyone! Thanks for checking out the new Reverbnation Page! Make sure you follow us on our other social media sites to keep up with the recording of the new album "LFAGNO"

www.facebook.com/blooddrunkshenanigans www.twitter.com/bd_shenanigans

and of course you can always visit us at www.blooddrunkshenanigans.com

See you on the road!