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I have now posted two projects that where not released here they are called 'Hot Core' and i'Painted Myself in a Corner' the first track mentioned and 'Brown - Gold' have been submited for voting,stay tuned in for which is going to be track of the Year,Which one do you think?

Christmas Special Download

You can now stream and download the song track "We Had It All" ft Snowflake,this is chosen to feature for EmGeeZee over the Festive period.

"Red Light"

Hi all,i just added my project here, this will be my last for this year, I would like to thank you all for the support from the past to present time it is very much appreciated,wish you all the best.

Fan Exclusive

I have made 4 tracks Exclusive for all my followers here at EmGeeZee Creative Arts.

New Remix

New Remix of the Song Track by EmGeeZee ft 4nsic is now here,this is a remix and a new version of the track that was taken down a few weeks ago,enjoy the listen.

Song Tracks

Song Tracks 'Try" and 'Go Time' have been taken down to be Remixed.

'Better Way"

I have added one of my latest Song Tracks that i had earlier put together,This is Called 'Better Way' you can Download and Stream this here at EMGEEZEE Alternative U.K,Stay tuned in for an other Production coming soon Called 'Discovering Japan'.

Discovering Japan

Discovering Japan is my next project lined up for the Summer,this is based on a Folk Song i came across when i visited China a few Years ago,This Inspired me to do something based on that Particular Folk Song.This is Currently in Production.

New Song is now out

Hi Everyone, just letting everyone know that my Summer song track is now here.Keep Inspired and Connected

Shaking Under The Sun By Natalia Perdu Ft EmGeeZee

This is a song Written By Natalia Perdu, Title of The Track is Shaking Under The Sun, Featuring EmGeeZee on some Parts of the Track.