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Spring Break is here, Yeah

I hope everyone is having a very good 2012. Marcus and I have been very busy already this year. We've both added some new students to our teaching schedule and added some group classes and hosted some workshops. We are busy working on adding brand new songs to the Alternate Route set list as well new material for the Kara & Marcus Duo. Besides the music Marcus and I have been training for the Colorado Marathon May 6th. We're down to the final stretch of training now and we've really worked hard. We've logged 380 miles this year on the training plan so I think we're ready. Wish us luck! Hope to see you at a show soon. Kara

Thanksgiving Is Coming!

Well, folks, Thanksgiving is on the way, but let's not wait till the day arrives to think of all of the things that we are thankful for. We may complain about many things in life, but if we go a little deeper, many of those complaints should really be things we are thankful for. Everybody likes to complain about work, but that means you have a job. We complain about traffic, but we have a car and gas to get us where we are going. Lines in the grocery store? Yup, looks like we have some money for groceries. Need I go on? Let's spend the next few weeks turning our complaints and woes into positives, and get our hearts and minds heading in a positive direction. The holiday season is often filled with stress, but if we prepare, it can be the celebration it is intended to be. I am thankful for all of you!