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New line up

Rat Verses Rabbit is excited with the new line up of members, stay tuned for more information to come about gigs and releases

Rat Verses Rabbit rocks two festivals in one weekend

Rat Verses Rabbit performed at two festivals last weekend. The band was asked to perform at the Kana Festival on Saturday 16th March then the Aireys Inlet Music Festival on 17th March. The crowds were enthusiastic and the organisers were really happy with their performances. The band hopes to perform again next year at both festivals for 2014.

Rat Verses Rabbit on NME.com


check out rat verses rabbit's video on nme.com

RAT VERSES RABBIT plays live to air at interview on OCR FM

Rat Verses Rabbit has just played live to air in an interview on OCR FM on the 921 Show. The members of the band Phil and Deb were interviewed live to air by Johnathan and performed two songs, on the road again )a cover) and Carboard Cut out World which is a song that will be on their next album to be recorded and released some time in 2013

Otway Shire Festival 5th December

Rat Verses Rabbit will be playing in Colac at the Otway Shire Festival on the 5th December 2012. The band will be on stage around 6pm, and the event may be live simulacast (waiting for confirmation)

Rat Verses Rabbit has an awesome time at Ocean Grove Hotel

Rat Verses Rabbit enjoyed playing at the Ocean Grove Hotel last night, it was fantastic fun. The band played a combination of originals and covers and was met with a fantastic crowd.

Rat Verses Rabbit Plays main stage at Kana Festival

Rat Verses Rabbit played at an enthusiastic local crowd last Saturday at the Kana Festival. The band sang six original songs and was broadcasted live in the simulcaste with OCR FM.


Rat Verses Rabbit plays at the Colac Central Hotel

Rat Verses Rabbit played a 4 hour gig at the Colac Central Hotel, we were met with an enthusiastic crowd and performed a mixure of covers and original songs, some of which are about to be released on our new EP -which has been recorded and is almost ready to get released soon. Stay tuned for more exciting news and our EP launch date coming up....

Rat Verses Rabbit plays at the East

Rat Verses Rabbit played at the East Hotel last week and was received pretty well with aplause and enthusiastic response and looks forward to playing there again in the coming weeks. Latest rumour is the drummer that played at the pub with RVR may become an official member of the band. Stay tuned