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Worcester Music Awards

Time for the Pulse Magazine's Worcester Music Awards! Just click Www.worcestermusicawards.com and please nominate us in whatever categories you think we're good for…may we suggest:

7. Best Male Vocalist: Pink (Demons Alley) 11. Best Live Act: Demons Alley 18. Best Rock Act: Demons Alley 23. Best Groupies: Demons Alley

Thanks for your votes!


Just found this - Piper "Can't Wait" (1977)...Billy Squire's old band, they opened for KISS in the 70's. Great for fans of 70's style rock! Check it out.


Hi, just wanted to share the 2 latest books I've read...first is Kevin Smith "Tough S*it..." (http://www.amazon.com/Tough-Sh-Life-Advice-Lazy/dp/1592406890) Good advice, easy, fun read. If you're a SModcast/ SIR listener, you've heard most of this before, but its still cool.

Also...musician Butch Walker's book "Drinking With Strangers..." (http://www.amazon.com/Drinking-Strangers-Lessons-Teenage-Bullet/dp/0061787310) is AWESOME. Didn't know much about the guy, I liked a few of his songs, but thats it. Now I'm a fan. His stories are very familiar if you're a rock n' roller who's been in bands for years. Another fast read!

That's it for now, back to work for me...see ya soon! - "Dead Man" Dave - DEMONS ALLEY


What's up! Here's the Demons Alley Blog....

A little biz to take care of up front, we're playing THIS SATURDAY night Apr. 21, 2012 at the Raven in Worcester, MA. Special guests our old friends BOTTLEFIGHT, plus Triggerman & Pretty Little Suicide. 9pm, 21+! Come rock out in Worcester.

We're excited about our new CD "Dead End Tricks", just recently released. We've heard good things so far, it will be going out for reviews & press soon. Give it a listen, maybe it will be your new favorite! Available from us at shows, plus on cdbaby.com & iTunes!

Stay tuned, more blog soon! -DA