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Personnel Changes

Guitarist Jay McBurney has retired from Number Station and the band has welcomed Jarod Elrod, formerly of Screwtape Zombies, as the new bassist. Tom will be handling all the guitar duties. Jay has joined Subterranean Sleep as the bassist, which means he moved his gear to the other side of the practice space and has started learning the other half of Tom's songs. If Number Station and Sub Sleep were really cool, we would call ourselves a collective. Anything to avoid learning Journey covers. Jay

New band space

Moved into our new band space (which immediately began to flood) its actually called "Cave Six" guess you should expect flooding in a cave. Great vibe, music everywhere-- blaring down the hallways and smoking indoors!! (sucks to be Tom and Jay)

Number Station Hits the Studio

We are currently in the process of mixing down several songs we recorded a couple weeks ago, so there will be plenty more music here very soon. "Grain" is a totally improvised piece we did in the studio and has already been uploaded. Thursday we are trying something a little different at MiniBar in Cherry Creek (222 Columbine St. at 7:00 PM...look for our crappy cars in the sea of Volvos and Saabs). We will be playing an acoustic set (2 acoustic guitars, drums, vocals and upright bass). If that goes well, we might try the same thing at the Mercury on Tuesday. On Friday the 10th, we hit the vomit-encrusted stage at the 12-Volt with our usual blast of feedback and noise.

Our First Show

Thanks to everyone that came out to see Number Station's first show last night at Bar Bar in downtown Denver. Special thanks to The Lonely Crowd from Colorado Springs and Tone Deficit. We look forward to seeing you again.