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The History of Slipdown Dog

About… 19 years ago, Paul went to a party, and he was slightly bemused when a strange fellow came up to him and said: “I hear you play guitar, why not go home, get your guitar, come back and have a jam. Upon returning with two beat-up, cheap, electric guitars (one with the word “Axe” written across it) Paul and Si jammed the night away and have been playing music together ever since. Five or so years later, Si went to university. One of his room mates was a crazy-haired fellow who stayed in his room for hours at a time playing electric guitar at defining levels. The two instantly felt a kinship and started jamming together. Whatever, insanity, life threw at our three heroes in their twenty-odd year history; one thing has always been apparent… MUSIC! It has glued them together like some kind of… super…glue. So believe me when I tell you that, Slipdown Dog have roots. One of those roots leads all the way back to one of Si and Paul’s first bands: Hungry Fella. Paul remembers a young guitarist coming up to him after a gig and saying he liked his playing. That guitarist was called Jay O’Conner. Years later Jay would join Slipdown Dog.


I promise to blogg more. Peace out. Love you. Paul.