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The Power of Musik

Recently Its been brought to my attention, that I would be considered a "Part Time Rapper" because of the fact that i dont put all my time and effort into my musik. The thing is that its completely true, I dont put a 100% of my time into this music. If i did i would probably be alot farther than anyone would expect. But then again when you have a family as i do its hard to just put everything to the side and work on this musik, ive got to maintain a house and household. Besides that.. The power of musik.. Music should move you in a way that you want to be moved. Thats why there are different genre's and people have their own musical prefrences. So for all those people that like that gutter hip hop, talking about the streets and drugs, thats not really my strong point.. even tho' i grew up with that life style.. So dont set there and say im fake because i dont talk about commiting felonies in my musik.. lol I make musik from the heart and what i feel at the moment that im writing the musik.. everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Constructive criticism is highly accepted.. and i prefer to get Criticism in order to make music that is more appealing to the ear.