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Long time comin'

Man, it's been over a year since we started writing and recording, then recruiting the band and rehearsing. Those who have supported us with their words of encouragement all along the way will never know how much they all mean to us.

So, as we count down the last few days until our CD relase party, thank you all so much for being here. Consider this a big ol' hug from Eric, Dave, Ed, John and Rick.


It's been a fun week. The whole album is now posted for streaming and has been uploaded to MondoTunes, which will get it onto hundreds of downloading sites in the next few weeks. The website is up and running at www.BigEWildHairs.com. And we've gotten so much great feedback on all of that. On top of that, our ranking on Reverb went waaaaaay up, which has been fun to watch. Thanks, everybody.

Pass it on

Hey Wild Hairs! Would appreciate anything you can do to point your online friends to listen to Voodoo or Last Time. Thanks!

Good news: Recording is all done, mastered and sounds great. 12 tracks total. Soon to be posted for listening here or downloading on all the usual music sites.

Building the Band

Just a quick update....

First of all, thanks so much to all of you for fanning and friending the band. It's been a blast to make connections with music fans all over the world and great musicians from everywhere, too. Thanks, y'all!

We're making great progress. The recording of our first album is finished and our man Dave is wrapping up production. He's a genius - it is sounding great.

We have four pieces of our live band in place including me on vocals and blues harp, Dave on lead guitar and vocals, Ed on bass and vocals, and John on drums.

We're auditioning our first potential rhythm/lead guitar player in a couple of weeks. With a little luck, he'll work out and we'll be a step closer to getting the band ready for live gigs in early 2013. In the meantime, we've rehearsed with what we have a couple of times and we're beginning to work out our live sound.

One step at a time. We'll keep you posted.

New voices and sounds

Soulful singer Sharon Garcia has added a very nice vocal to our ballad, "The Flame." And Ed Shaw, a fantastic bass player with a looooong resume is adding his magic to a bunch of tracks this week. Album is coming along very well. Almost there!