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We're Shooting Our First Video...

"How do I get your face out of my video?", the opening line of the song News To Me, the track ironically chosen for the first ever music video shot by The Powergoats. To be shot and produced by Kim Vincent of Ravenstone Productions (also frontman of the Ottawa band The Red Rails), the 2-day shoot will be filmed at Raven Street Studios, James Street Pub and various locations in the region.

Jansen Richard & Al Tambay Officially Join The Powergoats

The Powergoats have gotten upgrade. Local drumming powerhouse Jansen Richard (formerly of The JW Jones Band) has joined the Ottawa band along with local legend Al Tambay on lead guitar and vocals. "It couldn't have happened at a better time," says Jamie. "With all due respect to the great people I've played with, this lineup is the best yet. Al and Jansen 'get it'. I couldn't be happier. Their styles and sensibilities are exactly what this kind of music needs, especially when playing live"; which they have been doing... Anyone who has been to James Street Pub on a Thursday Night in the last month has seen most of the band in action already slamming out cover shows heavy on the jamming.

Our new website is up!

Hey everyone, check out our new website... www.thepowergoats.com Props to Ravenstone Productions on a job well done!

An Update from The Powergoats (and a New Recording!)

Greetings everyone!

While we're in the planning stages of touring with a stripped-down version on the band outside of Ottawa, we've got some additional news. Our brand new website created by Ravenstone Productions will be up this weekend! Further planning for our first video shoot will also take place within the week.

We have an official date and venue for the CD release of Ruby Headlights: Friday August 8th at Zaphod's! The recruiting for opening bands starts now! It's going to be one hell of a show as we play the new album in its entirety.

There are a handful of Ottawa shows to look forward until then, but for now please enjoy this new recording of "Move Your Skin". Recorded at Raven Street Studios (head engineer Marty Sobb) and mixed by the illustrious Andrew Burns, an early version of the track was included on our 2nd home-mixed demo collection "Moonlit Crimes". This version sounds MUCH better :)

Thanks for your years of love and support, we couldn't do any of this without you!

Love, Jamie

Season's Greetings!

Greetings everyone! We all hope your holidays are going well and you're having a great time with ones you love! Our 4th album is on its way this spring, and we've just heard some more preliminary mixes for 2 songs, a new version of an old nuggest from our Moonlit Crimes demo called 'Move Your Skin and a brand-new song called "News to Me". Both were recorded at Raven Street Studios for TARA and were captured by the students with Marty Sobb (Autumn's Cannon) at the helm. Mixed by own own musical master Andrew Burns! Wes and Jamie are frothing from the mouth and rolling on the carpet in excitement!!!

2nd Preview Track Available, Heading Back to Studio

Hey Powergoats fans!

It's our pleasure to provide a 2nd sneak preview track for the upcoming Ruby Headlights CD, "Needed to Miss You" which has already received a lot of clicks and likes, we're really looking forward to unleashing it properly into the world! We're headed back for another 6 week run at Raven Street Studios for 3 more new tracks, allowing for a Spring 2014 release in keeping with our bi-annual schedule ;) Thanks for sticking with us everyone, especially for the last year where you've embraced our new material as we've finally shaken the dusty Stones-albatross out of the closet!

Cheers and Love, Jamie

New Track - Tiger Punch!

Hey everyone, it's another new song from the upcoming CD 'Ruby Headlights'! http://www.reverbnation.com/thepowergoats/song/17633244-tiger-punch-new-track

Last Day of Studio Tracking!

Last day of tracking at Raven Street Studios! Six of our new songs for our upcoming album (Ruby Headlights) have been done with David Sarazin and Marty Sobb at the helm with their TARA students. It's a first for The Powergoats too, recording at a proper studio with real producers on board from the start. Working with Shannon and the staff at Raven St. has been very rewarding, and we're looking forward to sharing more tracks with you VERY soon!

Have You Heard Indoor Sunshine Yet?

Check out the lead single to 2013's Powergoats CD, 'Indoor Sunshine'!

This catchy little track is a transition in styles from our past to our upcoming release 'Ruby Headlights'. Our fresh, new direction was mapped out by the tastes and talents of all the players in the band. For a full year we've re-grouped and have played a LOT of live shows together as The Powergoats; but also as several different side projects, solo works and various combinations of Jamie Douglas, Fabien Melanson (Titan Rain), Wes Reed (Five Man Electrical Band) and Andrew Burns (The Peptides). In this sense we've put in more stage time in the last year than in all previous combined and tripled.

This is living musical live energy that was simply not possible before, and we've channeled these experiences into ourwriting and playing as a unit. The timing could not have been better. For the first time The Powergoats have recorded in a proper studio with a skilled producer (Dave Sarazin) and his TARA (The Audio Recording Academy) students on hand at Raven Street Studios in Ottawa.

Indoor Sunshine features Jamie on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica; Fabien on electric guitar and vocals, Andrew on bass, and Wes on drums. We hope you like the new 2013 tracks as we make them available to you!

Cheers, The Powergoats

New Powergoats Music Coming...

GREAT NEWS! (no stupidly-cryptic band-hype message here, promise!) We've just listened to some near-finished mixes of four new tracks (out of 8 or 9) for the 'Ruby Headlights' project at Raven Street Studios today. It's an upcoming compliation of all-new songs by The Powergoats, Titan Rain AND some new Jamie/Fabien songs - (Ruby Headlights). In just over a year since our last CD (2012's Bottled Sunset) we'll start dropping new tracks from the release starting in 2 weeks from now (after mixing/mastering). We've already started playing these songs live at JSP Acoustic Thursdays, and we can't wait for you to throw them on your car stereos this summer! Thanks for over 5 straight years of love for THE POWERGOATS! ~ Jamie