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wow.. what a summer! Great things are in the works every body... we are in the process of giving the myspace and everything a face lift. In the near future theres photoshoots and recording and shows and more writing.. I have been doing a TON of writing this summer, so theres new songs on the set list too. To everyone in the Atlanta area.. mark your calenders for September 21st.. not only is 21 my lucky number, but I am playing at the Sandy Springs Festival. There will be over 25,000 people there!! ahhh how exciting.. we are playing at 3:00 so please come.. its going to be great! well its 1AM and I have a yoga glass at 7:45! yikes.. I better get some sleep sweet dreams everyone :) Xo, B


Hey everyone!! You can download my album "Places Shes Never Been" for FREE for the next month at Amie Street! Copy and paste this link in your browser to connect to the store! http://amiestreet.com/artist/brinn-black/ I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!! Xo, B