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Looking for a drummer

Bellum is looking for a drummer in the niagara area,

Lineup Change, again

We've got Fenton back in the band. Dellow is gone, but he did a great job while he was with us.

Everyone should check out his own stuff here. http://www.reverbnation.com/bellumband#!/wakingthedream

We're working on catching Fenton up to learn the songs and we've got 2 shows coming up. We're working on doing some more vocals with Fenton and Tyler singing.

Come out and watch us play! Buy tickets! As you know, good sales makes us look good and if you enjoy anything you've heard from us, buy a ticket, come to a show. There's bound to be another band there you'll like too. Give us your feedback please. We really want to create a good live show and we can't without hearing what you have to say!

New guitarist!

Bellum proudly presents our new guitarist, Adam! he just started playing with us, and has barely learned any of our material, so if you hear screw ups in the recent Aug 4th recordings, its not his fault :P

We're pretty excited about this, its going to add a lot more to our sound, which we've always wanted.

Terminate This! has changed up a bit with new lyrics and a killer new outro. The new 2 + AIDS lyrics are deadly.

There's a chance we could be playing a pretty big show coming up. We'll keep you posted, don't worry. We're psyched about it.

Stay tuned...

Rewriting lyrics, clean vocals & Rhythm Guitar

I'm in the process of writing all new lyrics for every song. I'm taking a different spin on most of the songs, kind of writing material that is more personal. Except for Terminate This! We're going hardcore Terminator theme with that.

So the newest recording of 2+AIDS is completely different lyrics, placement is a bit different too. I've started clean singing, which I plan to do more. Unfortunately, its taken me nearly 10 months of screaming to get to where I am now, so I would expect another 10 months before my clean vocals really start to improve. We plan to do more clean parts and melodies in the future.

The Jully 22nd's recordings also have another guitarist, just playing with us for the first time, with no practice either. You can find his solo work over here www.reverbnation.com/wakingthedream

Hopefully he'll be continuing with as he has quite a bit of musical and lyrical talent to offer.

Interested stuff coming up though as we really start to show some different music.

Fenton's departure or break whatever you wanna call it

Our tree has left us. We're not sure what he's doing but at the moment, he's no longer jamming with us. In his memory, I've uploaded, what I'm pretty sure is, his favourite tune. Complete with epic sound effects. We are looking for another guitarist. If you interested, post on our wall, or send us a msg. We looking for anyone who wants to play something different. Metal/rock/jazz/blues whatever. If you can link us something you've done, even better.


So we've all been pretty busy and haven't played much recently. We're going to add keyboards into the mix. (which we've had before, but haven't put any recordings up yet) We may be down to one guitarist. Not sure yet. Jordan's got a new double kick which hasn't been recorded either.

Stay tuned for some new recordings. Same ol' songs, with hopefully some improvements.

Done, done, on to the next one.

So we're pretty confident with these songs, I'm pretty sure we'll leave them as they are and track them soon. We're going to be working on some new songs in coming weeks. Now if we could only figure out what the hell Fenton is doing. May 5th's recordings are 4 piece.

Our current state

At the moment we're working on finishing Work Shirt and touching up 2 + AIDS and Red Heat. Some major changes coming to Red Heat. We might completely rework Terminte This, so stay tuned.

We're looking to start playing some shows this year, so anyone looking, let us know.