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Sunday Service by Deacon Rearden

This past Sunday, May 6th was a great day for Circled in Black. Not only did we hit Nashville for the first time, but we also had a few songs played on 103.7 The Point that night as well. The Rutledge in Nashville was a great place to play and we met several great people. We hope to spend a lot more time in Music City. There are a lot of great bands down there and we look forward to playing with them and making some new fans along the way. However, we still plan to continue to please our KY fans too. We will be hosting our first official album release show in Glasgow along with Jaggid X. Details on that will be up soon!

Some words from Eric

phantom is all that i'll ever be, the shadow of the fatal hour it seems. my haunts are only black & white scenes, a ghost dragging chains in your dreams. those eyes, those eyes from which you cannot hide, not even in sleep.... lets count to dementia 1.... 2.....3...... focus focus our aim is bloodlust, across an ocean of skulls a broken heart is too simple. So lets be the Killer lets be the mad hatter & lets promise to NEVER fucking REMEMBER, what we used to see in the mirror, an existence that never mattered.

& we must confess its the same song of the cut throats so lets sing along....... words for you to choke down your drain thick blood clot lies consider me a gold-plated memory cause the spirit that was drowning beneath is no longer available to be picked clean. so what am i but hands that prey? what am i but hands that destroy? all & nothing all & nothing.... i present to you oblivion, enjoy.

Circled in Black store on reverbnation!

We are proud to introduce the the Circled in Black Store @ http://reverbnation.com/circledinblack We have a couple of shirts up. One for him and one for her(all of the hot ass Circled in Black fans lol). Go check it out and buy if like and or just want to support CiB! There are also widgets and banners available for our loyal fans to post links to the store all over the web.

Thank you and we LOVE you! - Circled in Black


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