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Be blessed.

I am very appreciative of everybodys support, and constant interest in my music!! It is very gratefully received, and it is wonderful to find other interesting artists on here too. Reverb can still be great!! Pass the message on, lets talk, listen, play, learn, and be a part of everything, as we walk this journey with our musical tools!! Be blessed. KHM

Love to hear yours..........

Enjoy my music, become a fan. Love to hear from other aspiring artists!! Mostly blues here, and will be more!

The Blues.............some low down dirty blues too!

Just enjoying the talent, and making friends with artists, and just hanging out with music really!! What are you up to? If you want some bluesy sounds, then yes, check out any artist you want, but you could just hang around here, and hear how i play the blues....................hey, up to you!! KHM

Lyrical rhythm - like music.

I always think of lyrical rhythms when writing a lyric. A good singer can always pick up the feel, if you write lyrics first!! Check out Heleana's great lyrics, and song writing here, and on her page!! KHM



Exclusive new: Reflections

Exclusive new instrumental up here! A bit of a heavier style, but real bluesy!!

Musical moments!!

I have finished a few collaborations lately, some you may find on my page here. Adding music to a vocal is a great experience, and musical ideas are sparked off by what people say upon discussing songs, and the way they say it. I like to remember these moments, and put it into the music. After all music is a moment, whether listening or playing! KHM

Blues in the rainbow!

New, exclusive! Blues in the rainbow' Enjoy. KHM

New, exclusive!

New exclusive blues instrumental to come!! Look out for it!! 'Blue of the Rainbow'.......enjoy!

New. Soon.

New tune to come! Check out the others up here. 'Slow Blues' to rock you with the blues!! KHM