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TMBZ slowly spreading, let's make this shit viral..

This Wed night, we've been invited to help kick off the Abiotic Tour @ Churchills along with a killer lineup.. Presales available, hit us up for a dose..

They Might Be Zombies
They Might Be Zombies  (about 4 years ago)


House of Rock

TMBZ wants to thank House of Rock and all the bands for a great show last night, we especially want to thank all those in attendance for the awesome vibe they continue to bring with them... House of Rock, proof that Metal is alive and well in SOFLO!!

there's need for a stampede in Miami

Come kick some fucking teeth in tonight w TMBZ and Anger @ House of Rock.. We do it again Wed nite w Abiotic @ Churchills..

No need to check for a pulse..

The living dead are already among us.. Your neighbor, your brother, the cleavage on the evening watch.. No need to check for a pulse, as they live and breathe- They Might Be Zombies..

Recent media player surprise attack on our FB page

Please bear with us as we sort through and tighten down on all of our social media posts and links, it's all a work in progress but we're getting there!! Our bass player, a bit of a nitwit, we blame him for all the recent sneak attack media player faux paux.. NO EGGY, NO!!

See yourself through..

Keep dreaming the dream--for it's all in the mind's eye. And with the right kind of mind, you can find what you need most anywhere you look. -Ekber Jan

Will I wake again?

Looked up from the floor to glimpse a fading light, woke to the sound of my pulse to the right, with a gasp I laugh the question is this seven of my nine lives? to an empty room I mutter life's a cellar low, stellar high.. - Ekber Jan

video release

It seems like an eternity since we first announced our efforts toward our very own music video.. We appreciate your continued patience while we remind you that we're nearing completion of said such video, ALMOST DONE!! Please check back for our near future release date!!

Before we kill 2012

Long crazy 2012 wasn't it? , Zombie Attacks in Downtown Miami , UFO's ,Bath Salts ... Well , Initial State of Death year is gone, we say good bye to Joel Cerda and welcom Ekber Jan in our new line up ,celebrate more awards from ourstage , made our way through most of south florida venues HOUSE OF ROCK , EVE, EXTREME , THE TALENT FARM, SPEAKEASY,MIKES,TOBACCO ROAD (thank you for having us) , Got to share stages with the best local artists VENEJER , FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN , THE OPENING , D'EFFEKTOR, MURDER SUICIDE , CHAMBER OF DREAMS , BLACK SUN ALCHEMY , ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM , KILL THE ROOSTER, KILL THE TYRANTS , LOADED GUNS , SEVENSINS, HALF HEAD and THE KILLING HOURS , and most important , we got to play for you guys . Thank you for been a fan

Welcome to the Zombie Nation

Hey guys,

Thanks for being our fan on REVERBNATION , that welcomes you to the family!!! Thanks to you we exist, and because you have let us into your lives we have the obligation to rock your world . Spread the word about THEY MIGHT BE ZOMBIES , like us on facebook , follow us on twitter , and come see us live !!!