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State of the union

Hi Rioters! Just a quick blog update here to, a) test this blog function - ooh look at it go!! and, b) Keep you abreast (teehee) of all the hot behind the scenes action. Sounds rude. I can assure you it isnt. Sigh. We're busy! The EP is mixed - by good friend and international producer/engineer/angry guy Jared Scott. And has been mastered by LA heavyweight Tom Baker - Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots. It sounds huge! We couldn't wait to give you a taste, so check out the opening track - "City Lights" up on all our profiles. Now it's just a matter of finalising the artwork and then booking a launch. We're pretty pumped! Stay tuned to this space, and like us on Facebook if you haven't already - we'll be giving you a glimpse of some more songs over the coming weeks. Gangles