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Opening slots - Want Red?

Hi all! I will be in Toronto next week and am looking for opening acoustic slots within the city core! As this trip was pretty last minute, I haven't been able to secure headlining gigs, but am ready and able to open from the 31st to Feb 3rd - email here for requests, or check out http://web.mac.com/theycallmered for samples of audio. xoxo R

Coming to Toronto!!!!!!

I’m doing a mad set of booking applications, as I’m suddenly off to Toronto for a little over a week to help my sister’s company at a trade show. Lucky for me, I can pick my flight dates, and the flights are paid for, as is my time while I’m there working. Turning it into a mini tour - I’m so excited!

With luck, I’ll have a show just about every night, can get some new ears turned my way, and head back in a few months with my trip hop projects when they’re ready for live performance - soon, very soon.

Keep it locked here for more music, coming soon, tour dates and new photos.

Ta ta!

xo R