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Lif30fR3D EP

Pre-Quel To ThaPlanetR3D Album

1.Sleet 2.REALationz V2 3.Foreign ft Toon 4.BoomBoxX 5.CARide

Road2RecoveryEP - December 5th

Road2RecoveryEP - December 5th

1.Intro(R2R) 2.KB - Under The Knife 3.KB - 60 4.KB - Elevator Musick(Kay) 5.KB - Late Nightz(Oh Yeah) 6.KB - Last ft Toon 7.KB - Kobe Bryant

W8TiLL ITDROPZ - October 31st


Road2Recovery Was Supposed To Drop September 29th. But I Held Off On The Release Due To Last Minute Tweaks To It. Also i Decided To Ease Up On My Hectic Recording & Helped Toon aka G.Reaper Finish His New Projects. Called "K.B.O.T.A" & "MyBluntEP"

So I Began Recording An Apology Record Called "W8TiLL ITDROPZ" It's My Sorry For Delays Aswell As My Appreciation For All The Love & Support We Get.

Toon - DuckdOff$mokin is 70% Done

Ozai's T5 Coming Soon !!!

Road2RecoveryEP Drops November 26th


KaYyy  (over 2 years ago)

#GRiMBR33ZY 4 Life

ProMoTape 2 The Group Project Is Here !!!

GRiMBR33ZY Present's "ProMoTape 2" The Team & I Wanted To Show Our Appreciation. So We Came Up With Thee Idea To Release Some Of The Cuts We Did.


1.Intro ft Ozai & KB 2.G.Reaper & KB - Space Theater(Freestyle) 3.Ozai & KB Selsun Blue(freestyle) 4.KB - R.I.C.O(Freestyle) 5.Skit 6.KayYy & KB - Bussin Out The Bag Pt1 7.Ozai & KB - Commas(freestyle) 8.KB - Spend It All(Freestyle) 9.Skit 10.G.Reaper & KB - Pulled Up(Freestyle) 11.London Roadz

Upcoming Releases -

The Long Awaited Ozai - MyTime(The Album) - Sept, 11th

KB - Road2Recovery EP - Sept, 29th

G.Reaper - DuckdOff$mokin(The Album) Dec, 9th

GRiMBR33ZY - Callabo:Reborn - Q1 2016

The Sequel To LoveDrug's 1stDeGr33z KB - 2ndDeGR33z(The Album) Q1 2016

~ The Sequel ~

GRiMBR33ZY Present's

"ProMoTape 2" The Sequel To 2012's "ProMoTape"

The Team & I Were Recording Our Solo Projects. An Realized We Had Some Great Freestyle Cuts.

We Wanted To Do Something To Hold You Guys Off While Putting The Final Touches On Our Projects.

Upcoming Releases -

2015: "GRiMBR33ZY - ProMoTape 2" "K.Breezy - Road2Recovery EP" "G.Reaper - DuckdOff$mokin"

2016: "GRiMBR33ZY - Tha Callabo:Reborn" "Ozai - MyTime" "KaYyY & K.Breezy - BedOfPinkRoses EP"

Ozai- The Flame
Ozai- The Flame  (over 2 years ago)

"MY TIME' Dropping 9/11/2015


GRiMBR33ZY Presents "CityOfAngelz(The Mixtape) Due to #BedOfPinkRo$e$ & #LuvMeNunEP being pushed back towards the end of the year. We came up with a project to hold you guys off. We will be starting a new #Youtube page which will feature all of our new releases.(To Be Updated Soon)

JUNE 2014: 1stDeGR33z Finally Dropping !

GRiMBR33ZY PRoDuCT10nz presents: KB's 1stDeGR33z

Bed Of Pink Roses has been pushed back so 1stDeGR33z can be released earlier.


How long has it been in the making? - KB: I've been working on this tape since 2009. The DeGR33z series is where you will find my best efforts.

Why so long? - We'll i can say.. My growth as in artist is the biggest factor in all of that.. Had more things in life to experience.

Will other GRiMBR33ZY artist be on this? - Yea i think you'll be pretty surprised with what we came up with.

How many songs will be on this? - Maybe 10-12 songs. Maybe a bonus 13.. Including TheGiveBack

Can you tell us the release date? - More than glad to.. June, 4th.. Wanna put it out there so people can learn who i am. Not just as an artist. But as a person.


Go & get the mixtape "RollingCloudz" with the download link below.

1.Intro/HolyGrail 2.M3 3.Leaked Feelings 4.Persian Whine Freestyle 5.Turn Down 6.Rearview 7.Won't Stop 8.Chosen One Freestyle 9.Hiatus/Outro

RollingCloudz: http://tape.ly/rollingcloudz

Nov ~ Death.4.Time ~ 26

GRiMBR33ZY PRoDuCT10nz presents: Death.4.Time(The Prequel) Release Date: November, 26th. Feature's include: G.Reaper, Yo$hi, Young WhiteBoy, Gho$t, Ozai + more..

D4T was renamed "Death.4.Time" as opposed to "Down.4.Them"

This tape will contain a blend of all NEW material , skits & freestyle's.

We had fun making this tape. We used different theme's on this project. Everyone pitched idea's & the freestyle's are us having fun/love for rap.

We appreciate all the support we've been getting. An love showing support back. - GBP

GRiMBR33ZY- D4T:BelowZero

UPDATE: D4T & BelowZero were different Projects. But the team & i have so much material we decided to make a double feature tape.

Down.4.Them.Below.Zero Release: Sept,5th

Feature's include Young Whiteboi, Ozai, Gho$t, MzStawberry Tracklist will be revealed soon..

First Single: KB & GR - Rollerz Anthem

2013 Release Schedule: GRiMBR33ZY's D4T:BelowZero GR's F.O.L.K.S(Follow Our Last Kings Steps) KB's 1stDeGR33z GRiMBR33ZY's Callabo Reborn

2014 Projects: Bed Of Pink Roses GRiM vs Reaper 2nd DeGR33z