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Frank Rodi

I have to give credit where credit is due. Had a great time playing with Frank Rodi tonight at Dumani. When I was playing in Sault Ste. Marie around the age of 16, I heard of this guy who's an awesome player. Turns out about 6 years later, I ended up becoming friends and playing in a band with him for about 2 years. I find this very awesome, to find a guy as skilled as myself and we complement each other when we play. It is so much fun. Sure there are other guys who I just get a kick out of playing with, but with Frank, It is easy. Only had 2 practises for the gig and it turned out awesome...Great job Frank...

RODI  (almost 5 years ago)

thanks ANDY . its been awhile hope everything is ok . always loved jaming with you. we;ve known each other at least 20 years . and always had great times. hope to see you soon brother.!

The Joke (What is this)

"The Joke" is a song about stress, written last year. I'm not sure how to describe this song other than it is an experiment. A 4 chord progression that is developed. Lots of changes in this one. Not sure if it works though it is unique. Hope you enjoy this one!!!!....Andy

A Special Spot!!!!!!!

The song "Cutie" is a life changing event, and a anniversary song for my girl. If you are curious "Cutie" is the nickname for my fiancee. The idea behind this song was to take a 4 chord progression and build some strong melodies as the song went along. This song started a whole barrage of ideas that are still going strong today. A little controversial but definitely me. I hope everyone enjoys this one. I will be posting a video of me just playing the acoustic for this song. Enjoy.....Andy


Well everyone, Finally able to post songs after telling everyone for a year. These demos I'll be putting on the site are all done on my computer at home...Yes I do need to work on mixes of the songs...For all these songs I will also be posting acoustic versions of the songs...Unfortunately everything is about finances these days...I'm hoping with experience I will be able to get a better sounding recording...More learning and ear training...Love it!!!!!!....

U-tube Vid Of What I use for recording

Because I like to teach...I wanted to put up a video of what I have been using for recording all of these demos that I keep talking about...This is being done on a tight budget...Almost there...Just a little while longer...Just need some sort on monitors so I can hear properly...Using headphones is not enough...Just trying to do the best job I possilbly can...Hope you enjoy!!!!!.............Andy


I just love challenging myself...There is so much I need to improve on...As I write, and record and figure out arrangements, I find there is so much more that has to be done. Fine tuning the vocals, making sure there is no mistakes in the tracks, learning how to mix and master a song(s). There are just so many areas to improve on. I feel amazing trying to do this on my own just to get some ideas and songs out of my head. There is so much work to do, and feels like so little time some days yet I am a determined guy. I do not give up easy. Especially when it is something I have been working at my whole life...I still have the same feeling when I started this journey a long time ago (5yrs old) which there is no words to describe. Just plain awesome. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a bad habit of writing songs in the Key of E major...Most of my original ideas start in that key...Anyone have any suggestions...Andy


I am very happy that my computer issues are clearing up and I will be able to begin recording within the next couple of weeks...I am very excited yet plenty to work has to be done...At the same time, I think I will be working on some u-tube videos on how to play some of the material that I will be recording...I am a guitar instructor...At that fact anything to do with playing guitar or writing songs, I enjoy...Have a great weekend all............Andy

Songwriters Question!!!

I am curious what writers think of when they are in the process of writing...When I write a song or come up with an idea...I hear every instrument that is going on in the song as I am writing...Wondering who else goes thru the same process...


Wouldn't you know it...Lots of songs but unable to record..Very frustrating to me...Everything is ready to go...Computer software is incapatible with my system...Figures...Any suggestions...I can keep writing yet I feel if I write too much, I'll start mixing other songs together...Not a bad idea...Time for some experimenting