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We're writing new stuff!

Hey guys we should have a few more songs for you at our next show which should be coming up! I'll post the song titles for you guys soon! Keep in touch- ATF


What's up guys? We need your help! Go to www.battleofthebands.com and vote for us, A Tragic Fake, on a daily basis. The more votes we get from you guys, the better our chances are of playing the Warped Tour! Help us out!! Thanks-ATF

we just submitted our demo to some labels =/

We just hit up a couple of different labels including Decaydance and hopeless records... i dont think we have ever been this nervous/excited about anything. We have all been working at this for over a decade through arduous hours or relentless practice,people telling us we cant make it and that we'll never be anything, almost giving up, shattered hopes and some amazing highs. Everyone in this band has payed their dues many times over to do one thing... play music. That is all we want to do. In coming together, even if we don't always agree on everything, all of us were on the same page about what we wanted to do more than anything for the rest of our lives. Touring under a label has been on our minds for years and hopefully, soon, we will have an idea of where we are on that journey. Thank you to everyone who has listened to us, bought our music, put up with our shit and supported us every step of the way. Your contributions help more than you will ever know. Its because of fans that bands are born, live and die. You are the fire and for that we thank you. Wish us luck!! -ATF

New E.P.

Hello Again! Everyone needs to make sure that they listen to our new self title E.P. This is the most legit thing that has probably ever happened to this band up until this point. It was recorded by the infamous Dave Castell (The man who produced the records "Deliverance" by The Toadies, "Home" by Deep Blue Something known for its hit track "Breakfast At Tiffany's," and "Foiled" by Blue October.) with a guest guitarist appearance by Kenny Withrow of Eddie Brickel and the New Bohemians. The cover picture of the demo was taken by the amazing Grant Meeks of Grant Meeks Photography. You can check him out here @ http://grantmeeksphotography.wordpress.com/ Copies of the CD are only $5 at shows so please come check us out whenever you can and pick up a CD for you and your friends and your dogs and hampsters! Thanks for your support! -ATF

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our new Reverb Nation page! The date is 4/6/11 and it is 11:36 pm we hope that everyone will love this page and check up with us often. This page is sort of here to replace our myspace (since no one is ever on myspace anymore) so hopefully it will not take long to get our plays back up and fans interested. Thanks for your support and look back to us soon for more updates on whats going on with the band and its members! Have a nice day =) -ATF