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New Interview with Curtis Rx on Fearnet about his new Rufus Rex Album!

Hey fiends! If you have the time, please check out Fearnet for a brand new interview from yours truly about my new Rufus Rex album 'Dead Beat', the new Creature Feature album, and some other ghoulish projects in the works: (http://www.fearnet.com/news/interviews/b24129_exclusive_interview_creature_features.html)

Order The Debut Album 'Dead Beat' Today!

Hey fiends,

My Debut Rufus Rex album 'Dead Beat' is available for purchase now on my official website (www.rufusrex.com). If you like what you’ve heard so far, please support this music. If everybody here purchases the album, I’ll be able to start work on the next one. The fate of this project is in your hands!

Thanks for the support and stay weird, ~Curtis Rx

Check Out The New Rufus Rex Single 'World In-Between'!

Hey fiends,

It's been a long time coming, but I finally put the finishing touches on my solo side project Rufus Rex’s first alum Dead Beat. You've already heard the first single Rise Lazarus Rise and I just released the next single entitled Worlds In-Between on my official Bandcamp page. The album is a concept about one man's quest for immorality and the strange world he discovers after awakening a terrible evil. Here is the single cover artwork depicting the hero battling one of the unnameable creatures from the worlds in-between let loose by his meddling with the powers that be. Artwork by none other than Thomas Boatwright.

Just like my previous single, I released Worlds In-Between on my Bandcamp page offering it as a 'Pay What You Can' option. I am releasing this album independently on my Villains And Vaudevillians record label and I really need your help to do so. If everybody here purchases the song for just a dollar or makes a donation of any amount, I will finally be able to release this album properly before Halloween for all to enjoy. If you really can't afford it, then by all means download it for free, I'd rather you have the music than not. If you can afford to support this project by either purchasing the song for a dollar or by making a donation of any size, then please do so and if all goes well, I'll be able to get this album out by September. With your help I'll finally be able to awaken this long slumbering project and finally release it the way it's supposed to be.

Thanks for all your support and stay weird, ~Curtis Rx

Check The New Single 'Rise Lazarus Rise' Over At Fearnet.com!

Hey fiends,

As a special treat for all your ongoing support and to tide you over between Creature Feature releases, my friends at Fearnet.com are now streaming my new single 'Rise Lazarus Rise' from my new side project Rufus Rex, a whole day before I release it as a free download on Tuesday (4/19/11) at noon pacific time. Head over and sink your teeth into the first taste of Rufus Rex. While you're there, please leave a comment and let them know what you think of the song and the exclusive premiere. Remember to check back at www.rufusrex.com on Tuesday for the free download. To quench your thirst for blood, here's the single artwork for 'Rise Lazarus Rise' by the amazing Thomas Boatwright. Click the artwork below to be magically whisked away to Fearnet.com where you can stream ‘Rise Lazarus Rise’ today.

If you have the time, please click the banner below to check out my official Rufus Rex Facebook page and click the like button to help me reanimate the dead!

Stay weird, ~Curtis Rx