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A Show and Writing Some Tunes

Hey guys!

Tim and I are getting ready for our show at my high schools Battle of the Bands on Friday. We aren't actually competing considering we are not a full piece but it should be awesome. "Risky Business" will get it's live debut and should pretty exciting.

We also have some fun stuff prepared for the other songs. And then on saturday we will be working on some new music! So it should be great. Hope to see you guys at the show!

Peace, love, penguins -Bobby

Cancer Sucks. Live Your Life!

Cancer is a lot of things, it sucks, it's evil, it's a twisted gift, whatever it may be in whatever situation, I think we can all agree that we'd love to be done with it forever.

We received two sets of information today. One is the very unfortunate that a fan of ours, an amazing kid, who fought so hard, lost his battle to cancer. It's not right, it's not fair, and it never gets any easier. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family (I've chosen to keep his name private unless I were to hear otherwise). He will be truly missed. He had amazing support from so many fellow cancer fighters and more. I like to think it all kept him smiling. He was one of the many children of The Valerie Fund's Camp Happy Times. Please check them out and learn what you can do to help these kids fight this horrible horrible cancer (www.thevaleriefund.org).

The other set of news came from a very dedicated fan of ours who does a lot in her own way to fight against cancer. She's a great person and we gave support on our facebook a bit back for a friend of the family, Gia, a little baby girl who had to fight cancer. I've been kept in the loop about how she's be doing and it's wonderful to hear that little Gia is now completely free of cancer. So congratulations to her, her family, and friends.

I wanted to share all this news because the new year is about to come, and cancer is a very important subject to us. As many of you have seen with our recent involvement with the 11:11 A.M. Charity .... http://1111amblog.tumblr.com/post/14705123741/a-few-weeks-ago-our-friend-tim-matthews-posted-a ... It's an incredible honor to work with such an amazing organization (Please check them out! http://1111amblog.tumblr.com/). We do all we can to give back, help others, and make a difference best we can. Please take this new year to do one very important thing. Live your life all the way, to the fullest everything. It's so important and way too amazing to waste it. Do what makes you truly happy, and do all you can to benefit others as well. 11:11 A.M.'s motto is "Life is beautiful. Save it." I love that, it's perfect. Thank you very much for reading this. We wish everyone the best and a very happy new year!

Love, -Tim Backyard Heroes

PS - Seriously cancer... it's time to FUCK OFF.

2000 SONG PLAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

That is so cool! Thank you everyone who is out their listening. It means so much to both of us. As a gift to your dedication we have released "Risky Business" which has a return of our love for gang vocals. So that in itself makes it worth listening to, which you means you should do that... again and again and again... and tell your friends about us... all of them, no exceptions. Seriously it is so crazy that so many people are out there listening. Or maybe it's one person is just listening to them hundreds of times. Whatever it is, it's so cool and feels great. Thank you again. AND YOU CAN STILL CONTACT THE BAND OR ME AND TIM INDIVIDUALLY TO BUY AN EP! hugs and kisses, bobby

Recording is Done

We have finished work on all 4 songs including mixing. This is the most efficient we have ever worked as a band in our short existence. We are so proud of the work we've done and hope you enjoy it too.

We were reviewed today by a music blog and it was really cool because we had no idea that it was happening haha You should definitely check out these new songs and show your friends and keep coming back as we'll be posting another in the coming weeks!

Thanks so much! -Bobby

Recording Day Two

We finished 4 songs! In 2 days, that is ridiculous. "Beat Me Black and Blue" "Everything's Gonna Be Fine" "What Comes Next?" and the yet to be titled dirty song are all completely recorded. We'll be mixing tonight and tomorrow and then we are done! it's awesome. we'll be posting one song tonight so best be checking back!

Recording Day One

Whatttup everybody!

Today has been the most productive BH day of all time. Remember how it took us a week to record six songs over the summer? Today we practically finished 3 songs in 5 hours. So if that isn't prove of how much better we've developed as song writers and musicians over the passed few months I don't know what does. The new songs sound so good and I'm so excited for you all to hear them! We'll be posting the first couple hopefully by this time tomorrow!!

Check back for more awesome! -Bobby & Tim


Hey guys!

I'm going to be traveling to Delaware on 11/18 so we can record all the new awesome songs! We are so pumped and you guys should be too. We also are still selling the copies of our EP! So you guys should message us on facebook or email us at backyardheroes11@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing one.

Thanks a lot! Keep checking back for more updates! -Bobby

Set List from Crossroads

Hate the Radio My Old Stories One More Minute Everything’s Gonna Be Fine Right Thing to Do What Comes Next Honorable Mention Right Now (SR-71 Cover) Chetwood Beat Me Black and Blue It’s Time Take the Jump Survive Garden State


we hope to record the rest of our new ish soon love you guys -Bobby

Crossroads Part Deux

Our second Crossroads show was a success. We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, some mess ups, but as Bobby says, it was with style haha. We were so excited to see how much everyone enjoyed our new tunes, can't wait to play more shows. We also sold quite a few EP's last night, clearly we're going to have to print more, which is awesome!

Since we premiered some news songs last night, you can see that we've added One More Minute and Hate The Radio to our website for your listening pleasure. Enjoy them, share them with your friends and family. You may also notice that some songs we've had up are now gone. It's Time, My Old Stories, Honorable Mention, Right Thing To Do, and Chetwood are all out now for purchase on our EP. You should totally come out to a show and get one, or email us at backyardheroes11@gmail.com and we'll hook you up. And if you're new and haven't heard those songs, we've left Chetwood up to give you a taste of the EP.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support, it was so awesome for me to be back in Jersey and to share such a fun night with so many awesome people. Thank you to all our fans, and if you couldn't make it out this time, hope to see you at the next one soon!

Dear Garden State, I missed you too,



OUR FIRST EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis true! We will be selling our very first demo EP on 10/20 (oh isn't that the date of your show at the crossroads in Garwood at 8 oclock? why yes it is!) The EP will include 5 songs and be sold for $4. Also, if you haven't noticed, cancer has had an enormous impact on our lives. And we would like to do everything we can to fight this terrible disease and we're going to be using our fans to help us out. For every EP sold we will donate $1 to the Keep-A-Breast foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. We figure it's the least we can do and hope all of you agree with us. Thank you guys so much for all of your support! See you at the show! -Bobby & Tim